2023 NFL Playoff Picture — Latest Odds For Week 2

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It’s only Week 2, but it’s never too early to look ahead at the NFL playoff picture. During opening week, teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Cleveland Browns looked the part, while others, including the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants, did not. 

Betting odds have shifted as a result and will continue to do so all season long. On this page, we break down the current NFL playoff odds and take a look at what the seeds and matchups would look like if the playoffs started today using the current odds as seeding.   

AFC playoff odds for Week 2

The table below has the latest playoff odds for all 16 AFC teams from Caesars Sportsbook, along with the lines for this week’s game.

TeamPlayoff oddsImplied probability*This week 
Kansas City Chiefs-30071.30% at Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars-29070.69% vs. Chiefs
Buffalo Bills-24067.11% vs. Raiders
Miami Dolphins-24067.11% at Patriots
Cincinnati Bengals-19062.29% vs. Ravens
Baltimore Ravens-17560.50% at Bengals
Cleveland Browns-17059.86% at Steelers
Los Angeles Chargers+10047.54% at Titans
Pittsburgh Steelers+19032.78% vs. Browns
New York Jets+20531.17% at Cowboys
Tennessee Titans+21530.18% vs. Chargers
Denver Broncos +26026.41% vs. Commanders
New England Patriots+29024.38% vs. Dolphins
Las Vegas Raiders+35021.13% at Bills
Indianapolis Colts+46016.98% at Texans
Houston Texans+80010.56% vs. Colts
*Our implied probability calculation uses the sportsbook’s odds minus the vigorish charged by that sportsbook. An average online gambling calculator will provide you with the implied probability based on just the betting odds. By going a step further and accounting for the vig, we find a true implied probability in relation to the sportsbooks odds.

Teams that were at or near the top of the board during the preseason, including the Chiefs, remain among the betting favorites. The Dolphins and Browns garnered some attention after impressive wins, while the odds for the Jets tanked in the wake of the season-ending injury to Aaron Rodgers. Here’s how the AFC seeds line up based on the current betting odds:   

The Chiefs have made it to the playoffs for eight straight seasons and advanced to at least the AFC title game for the last five. Betting odds are anticipating that the playoffs could very well run through Arrowhead Stadium once again. The Jaguars are the defending AFC South champions and are the favorites to win it once again.  

The Bills and Dolphins are tied in playoff odds, but Buffalo gets the nod for third due to a slight lead in AFC East division odds. The Bengals came out flat in a loss to the Browns, a team that received a bump up the board following a convincing 24-3 victory. The Dolphins and Ravens handled business in games against the Chargers and Texans, respectively. 

For this week’s games, there are a few that could have an impact on both public perception and the playoff odds. The Chiefs are favorites for a showdown with the Jaguars, a team they defeated at home in last year’s divisional round. If Jacksonville pulls out the upset and drops Kansas City to 0-2, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new team on top of the playoff odds.

The Ravens are underdogs at the Bengals. The winner will likely be viewed as the clubhouse leader to win the AFC North and could see a spike in odds. The Dolphins are in the primetime spotlight on Sunday Night Football as favorites over the Patriots. 

Meanwhile, the Browns are favorites for a Monday Night Football showdown with the Steelers. If Miami and Cleveland notch their second victories of the season in front of national audiences, additional betting interest may follow.  

NFC playoff odds for Week 2

Here are the playoff odds for all 16 NFC teams from Caesars Sportsbook, along with the implied probability of the club making the playoffs and the lines for their next game.

TeamPlayoff oddsImplied probability*This week 
San Francisco 49ers-140087.52% at Rams
Philadelphia Eagles-80083.36% vs. Vikings
Dallas Cowboys-43076.08% vs. Jets
Detroit Lions-34072.46% vs. Seahawks
New Orleans Saints-22064.47% at Panthers
Atlanta Falcons-13553.87% vs. Packers
Green Bay Packers-12051.15% at Falcons
Seattle Seahawks+18033.49% at Lions
Minnesota Vikings+19032.34% at Eagles
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+22029.30% vs. Bears
Los Angeles Rams+29024.04% vs. 49ers
Washington Commanders+31022.87% at Broncos
New York Giants+31022.87% at Cardinals
Chicago Bears+34021.31% at Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers+36020.39% vs. Saints
Arizona Cardinals+20004.47% vs. Giants
*Our implied probability calculation uses the sportsbook’s odds minus the vigorish charged by that sportsbook. An average online gambling calculator will provide you with the implied probability based on just the betting odds. By going a step further and accounting for the vig, we find a true implied probability in relation to the sportsbooks odds.

According to the current odds, the NFC playoff picture is pretty clear, with the 49ers and Eagles widely expected to snag spots. Behind them, the Lions, Cowboys, and Saints have strong early cases. Here’s what the matchups would look like based on the latest betting lines: 

San Francisco fell to Philadelphia in last season’s NFC title game. The 49ers kicked off the campaign with an impressive road win over the Steelers, while the Eagles hung on for a road victory over the Patriots. According to the odds board, there’s a solid chance that the two clubs could square off again in the playoffs. 

The Lions generated a lot of buzz over the offseason as a team that could potentially take a leap forward. Detroit backed it up with a road upset over the Chiefs in the opener. The Saints had to hang on for a close home win over the Titans, while the Cowboys went on the road and steamrolled the Giants for a shutout victory. 

The Falcons and Packers both picked up impressive wins in Week 1 at the expense of the Panthers and Bears, respectively. The two teams have seen a spike in betting interest as a result. Behind the top seven, the Vikings and Seahawks head on the road this week looking to bounce back from home losses last time out. 

Minnesota will be in primetime as underdogs on Thursday Night Football at the Eagles. The numbers for both clubs could shift based on what transpires. There’s a handful of other NFC vs. NFC games that could impact the playoff odds and picture.

The Packers are slight favorites at the Falcons. The result could lead to the clubs heading in opposite directions in the odds. The Seahawks are underdogs at the Lions, while the 49ers are favorites at the Rams. An upset in either game could have a big impact on the board.       

Projected Super Bowl 58 matchups for Week 2

Betting odds on the winner of Super Bowl 58 have also shifted in response to last week’s results. The defending champion Chiefs were the consensus favorite heading into the campaign. They’ve now been joined in a battle at the top of the board by the 49ers and Eagles. 

Next up are the Bills and Cowboys, followed by a logjam of teams in close proximity: Bengals, Dolphins, Lions, Ravens, and Browns. On a conference basis, Kansas City remains the clear favorite in the AFC, followed by the Bills. On the NFC side, the 49ers and Eagles top the charts, with the Cowboys not too far behind.

Based on the latest odds, potential Super Bowl 58 matchups include the following: 

Losses for any of the above teams in Week 2 could shake things up. The most notable game to keep an eye on in that regard is Kansas City traveling to take on Jacksonville. If the Chiefs are upset and drop to 0-2 on the year, a new AFC favorite could emerge. 

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