The UFC is the world’s biggest MMA organization, with events such as June 1’s UFC 302 scheduled almost every weekend throughout the year. Betting on UFC fights has become increasingly popular, and virtually all major online sportsbooks now offer odds on each UFC event. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the top UFC betting sites available.

Our recommended UFC betting sites

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Best UFC betting sites

  1. DraftKings Sportsbook: Quickest to post UFC odds, with robust futures options.
  2. Caesars Sportsbook: Extensive prop bet listings for every fight.
  3. FanDuel Sportsbook: Clear organization of prelims, main card, and futures.
  4. BetMGM Sportsbook: Good options for specials, with ready-made parlays.
  5. Bet365 Sportsbook: Provides helpful stats for each fight.

How to choose a UFC betting site

First, you want to determine which betting sites are available where you live. Then you can narrow the options according to a few key criteria:

UFC betting markets

As far as how to bet on the UFC, there are several options for wagering on fights, from choosing an outright winner to getting more specific with bets on the method of victory or time of finish. Here are a few of the most popular options on UFC betting sites.

Moneyline: This is a straightforward bet on the winner of a fight. These are typically the first odds sportsbooks will post, shortly after each fight is scheduled.

Round props: These bets allow you to pick when the fight will end. Many sportsbooks give you the option to choose the winning fighter and the round, or sometimes just the round itself. These often provide better odds because of the specificity required.

Method of victory props: These bets let you wager on how the fight will end. Typically, you pick a certain fighter by submission, TKO/KO, or decision. Some sportsbooks also offer the option to bet on either fighter to win by a certain method. Again, the odds tend to offer a higher profit for a correct bet with the greater degree of specificity.

Competitive UFC odds

UFC odds can vary significantly from one sportsbook to another. It’s important to find a betting site that consistently offers favorable odds to ensure you’re getting the best value. Betting lines will shift as betting action starts to flow in, particularly on fight week. Odds can also shift during or after weigh-ins, especially if one fighter seems to be struggling to make weight. Our dynamic odds change as the odds on betting sites change, ensuring that you’re always seeing the best and most current betting odds available.

Welcome bonus and MMA promos

Many MMA sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses to entice new users. Some will also offer promos specific to UFC fights, especially when big UFC pay-per-view events are approaching. When weighing different offers, you want to be sure to read the terms and conditions. Some offers appear to be a better deal than they are in reality. When it comes to bonus bets, make sure you are clear on what the playthrough requirements are. Some bonuses aren’t eligible to withdraw until you’ve used them on one or more wagers, all within a specific time window.

Banking options

Different UFC betting sites allow for different methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. It’s important to know what the options are for the sportsbook you choose. Most major sportsbooks allow deposits via ACH transfer, online banking transfer, PayPal, and credit/debit cards. Some, but not all, also allow deposits via Apple Pay, Venmo, and other e-wallet options. 

Especially if you’re setting up an account just before a UFC event you want to bet on, it’s important to know how soon you can expect your deposit to show up in your account, and how long it will take to receive funds once you request a withdrawal.

Customer service and security

An important thing to take note of when choosing a betting site is what customer support options it offers. Most online sportsbooks have chat features, with many available 24/7 to resolve any issues. But there are times when you may need to speak with a representative, so be sure to look around on the website for a phone number or email address associated with customer support. You also want to stick with the established and vetted sportsbook options for reasons of security, just as you would with any website that involves financial transactions.

Availability (in what states)

Not all sportsbooks are available in every state where online sports betting is legal. That’s why it’s important to know what the options are for your state. Depending on the sportsbook, there may also be welcome offers and bonuses that are specific to your state, or ones that require codes that are state-specific. 

StatesIs UFC Betting Legal?
Arizona sports bettingYes
Arkansas sports bettingYes
Colorado sports bettingYes
Connecticut sports bettingYes
Delaware sports bettingYes
Florida sports bettingYes
Illinois sports bettingYes
Indiana sports bettingYes
Iowa sports bettingYes
Kansas sports bettingYes
Kentucky sports bettingYes
Louisiana sports bettingYes
Maine sports bettingYes (online only)
Maryland sports bettingYes
Massachusetts sports bettingYes
Michigan sports bettingYes
Mississippi sports bettingYes (retail and limited online options)
Montana sports bettingYes (retail and limited online options)
Nebraska sports bettingYes (retail only)
Nevada sports bettingYes
New Hampshire sports bettingYes
New Jersey sports bettingYes
New Mexico sports bettingYes (retail only)
New York sports bettingYes
North Carolina sports bettingYes
North Dakota sports bettingYes (retail only)
Ohio sports bettingYes
Oregon sports bettingYes
Pennsylvania sports bettingYes
Rhode Island sports bettingYes
South Dakota sports bettingYes (retail only)
Tennessee sports bettingYes (online only)
Vermont sports bettingYes (online only)
Virginia sports bettingYes
Washington, D.C., sports bettingYes
Washington sports bettingYes (retail and limited online options)
West Virginia sports bettingYes
Wisconsin sports bettingYes
Wyoming sports bettingYes (online only)

UFC betting sites and sportsbooks reviewed

DraftKings Sportsbook

As the UFC’s official online sportsbook partner, DraftKings consistently offers some of the best betting options for UFC events. It is usually the first to post odds on upcoming fights, adding betting lines even for events weeks or months in the future. The sportsbook will also sometimes offer odds on fights that are merely rumored or expected to happen, even if they haven’t yet been officially announced.

The DraftKings layout is smooth and intuitive for the most part. Clicking on individual UFC fights opens up a wealth of options, from method of victory props to round props and more. The quick SGP section makes it easy to build a parlay for a UFC event, with a full slate of odds available on every fight from the prelims to the main event.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars has a solid overall UFC section, with odds for every fight in every event. The look and feel of the site and the app make navigation fairly simple, with a tab that shows the upcoming fight schedule. 

In its Quick Pick section, Caesars highlights parlay options for upcoming events, sometimes even a month or more in advance. That’s something of a rarity, especially since many sportsbooks are reluctant to offer any UFC props until the last few days leading up to fight night.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel has made the UFC more of a priority in recent years, increasing its visibility on the sportsbook. The clean look of the FanDuel app and website make it easy to find the bets you’re looking for, though in some instances FanDuel’s insistence on clever names for various categories can be a bit confusing, but once you get used to it, there are some interesting choices there.

In terms of variety of UFC bets, FanDuel is tough to beat. Between the round props, time props, and double chance bets, you can essentially craft your own bet on almost any conceivable aspect of a fight. These options are available for every fight on every UFC card, though the presentation on the app puts a heavy emphasis on the next event on the calendar, so you might have to hunt around for UFC events further into the future.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM has a robust number of betting options for every UFC event, even if it might not be the first sportsbook to get lines posted. The layout for UFC events is slightly different from what you’ll see on other sportsbooks, with the result being that BetMGM manages to pack more on every page.

BetMGM also offers some UFC bets that other sportsbooks don’t, such as detailed time and round props, as well as a last-minute finish option. The sportsbook also offers futures odds on UFC champions, allowing you to bet on who will be the titleholder in any weight class at the end of the calendar year.

Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet365 doesn’t spotlight UFC events the way many other sportsbooks do, but once you find it, there are a lot of options to choose from. In addition to offering odds on every fight scheduled for every UFC event, bet365 offers a bet boost section with options even on some of the lesser-known bouts on the card.

Bet365 also groups prop bet categories near the bottom of the page, making them again a little tougher to find. Once you click a category, however, it makes it easy to find the bet you want. What separates Bet365 most of all, however, might be the option to bet on non-UFC fights. The category on bet365 is MMA — not UFC, as the tab appears on many other sportsbooks — and that comes with options to bet on other promotions such as KSW, Cage Warriors, and others.

How to sign up at a UFC betting site

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to signing up at an online sportsbook ahead of a UFC fight:

UFC betting regulations and restrictions 

Since the UFC is exclusively a professional and not a college sport, there are relatively few restrictions on the types of bets you can place. Most sportsbooks will offer moneyline odds for each fight, as well as various prop bet options that become available in the days leading up to the fight. It’s important to know that, for the purposes of online betting, the result that is announced on the broadcast is generally what determines which bets win. Results are sometimes changed later, due to athletic commission appeals or drug test results, but most sportsbooks pay out based on the initial official result announced on fight night.

UFC betting site FAQ

When do sportsbooks release odds for UFC fights?

For title fights or other especially high-profile bouts, odds will typically appear as soon as the fight is announced. Some sportsbooks will release odds even on rumored fights that have not yet been officially announced. For the undercard fights on any given UFC card, odds are typically available only after the card has been set, typically a few weeks to a month in advance.

What happens to my bet if the fight is scratched?

If you’ve placed a bet on a fight that’s canceled before it can begin (also known as scratched from the card), you will receive the amount you wagered back in your account. If that fight was part of a parlay, most sportsbooks will simply remove that fight from the parlay and adjust the odds accordingly while keeping the rest of the parlay intact.

What does it mean for round props to be set at +2.5 rounds?

All UFC fights have five-minute rounds, so the halfway mark in each round is two and a half minutes. If you were to bet the over on a fight to go 2.5 rounds, that would mean that your bet hits as soon as the fight reaches the 2:31 mark of the third round. Any finish before that point, for any reason, and the bet would lose.