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Before Super Bowl 57 even kicks off, bettors can potentially cash tickets on one of the most popular props at legal online sportsbooks: the opening coin toss bet. While there are just two choices — heads or tails — analyzing what might happen has become a rite of passage for bettors. The Super Bowl takes place on Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, as the Kansas City Chiefs square off with the Philadelphia Eagles . Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. ET, and the opening flip will happen just before that. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about betting on this year’s Super Bowl coin toss.

Super Bowl 57 coin toss odds

Coin toss betting odds for Super Bowl 57 are available at legal online sportsbooks. Here are the latest numbers from DraftKings and FanDuel.

Coin toss resultDraftKings SportsbookFanDuel Sportsbook

Super Bowl coin toss odds last updated: Feb. 3, 2023

What’s the Super Bowl coin toss bet?

You’re betting on the outcome of the opening coin flip, which is always a spectacle on Super Bowl Sunday. The flip determines possession for the first drive and the direction for the offenses in the first half. Here were last year’s odds at DraftKings Sportsbook in advance of kickoff:

Super Bowl coin toss result

Barring a huge surge in betting action on one side, you can expect the odds to be equal for the two choices. At odds of -105, a winning $100 bet would return $95.24 in profit. To have a chance to win an even $100 at those odds, you’d have to place a $105 bet.

For the 2023 Super Bowl, here are the current odds over at DraftKings.

Over at FanDuel Sportsbook, here’s what the current coin flip betting lines look like.

Other ways to bet on the Super Bowl coin flip

There are a couple of other props that include the opening flip. First, you can bet on whether the player who gets to call the flip will make the right call:

Player to call the opening coin toss correctly

The above is another straightforward bet. Last year, the Los Angeles Rams called tails while the actual result was heads, so “no” turned out to be the correct choice.

For a bet with a little more going on, you can tie together the result of the flip with the outcome of the game. Here’s what the odds for this prop looked like last year:

To win the opening coin toss and the game

It was a mixed bag last time around as the Bengals won the opening coin toss at Super Bowl LVI, but the Rams went on to win the game.

For Super Bowl 57, here are the other coin toss betting options that are currently available.

On an all-time basis, the coin toss results align perfectly with the 50/50 nature of the wager. Heads have come up 28 times for the 56 Super Bowls to date, while tails have been correct the other 28 times.

More recently, heads has been the correct choice for the last two years in a row, and for four of the last five. However, that recent run came on the heels of tails being right for four years in a row, which snapped a streak of five straight for heads.

Coin toss winners have not had a good run of Super Bowl success of late. The last team to win the coin flip and then go on to win the game was the Seattle Seahawks at Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. Since then, eight straight coin toss winners have come up short.

All-time Super Bowl coin flip results

Here’s a full rundown of the opening coin flip at the Super Bowl. As you scroll through the list, you’ll notice several lengthy streaks. The longest run for heads was five straight a few years back, while tails has hit four in a row on three separate occasions.

Super BowlTeamsFavoriteGame WinnerHeads or TailsToss Winner
LVIRams vs. BengalsRamsRamsHeadsBengals
LVChiefs vs. BuccaneersChiefsBuccaneersHeadsChiefs
LIVChiefs vs. 49ersChiefsChiefsTails49ers
LIIIPatriots vs. RamsPatriotsPatriotsHeadsRams
LIIPatriots vs. EaglesPatriotsEaglesHeadsPatriots
LIFalcons vs. PatriotsPatriotsPatriotsTailsFalcons
LPanthers vs. BroncosPanthersBroncosTailsPanthers
XLIXSeahawks vs. PatriotsPick’emPatriotsTailsSeahawks
XLVIIISeahawks vs. BroncosBroncosSeahawksTailsSeahawks
XLVIIRavens vs. 49ers49ersRavensHeadsRavens
XLVIPatriots vs. GiantsPatriotsGiantsHeadsPatriots
XLVPackers vs. SteelersPackersPackersHeadsPackers
XLIVSaints vs. ColtsColtsSaintsHeadsSaints
XLIIICardinals vs. SteelersSteelersSteelersHeadsCardinals
XLIIGiants vs. PatriotsPatriotsGiantsTailsGiants
XLIBears vs. ColtsColtsColtsHeadsBears
XLSeahawks vs. SteelersSteelersSteelersTailsSeahawks
XXXIXEagles vs. PatriotsPatriotsPatriotsTailsEagles
XXXVIIIPanthers vs. PatriotsPatriotsPatriotsTailsPanthers
XXXVIIBuccaneers vs. RaidersRaidersBuccaneersTailsBuccaneers
XXXVIRams vs. PatriotsRamsPatriotsHeadsRams
XXXVGiants vs. RavensRavensRavensTailsGiants
XXXIVRams vs. TitansRamsRamsTailsRams
XXXIIIFalcons vs. BroncosBroncosBroncosTailsFalcons
XXXIIPackers vs. BroncosPackersBroncosTailsPackers
XXXIPatriots vs. PackersPackersPackersHeadsPatriots
XXXCowboys vs. SteelersCowboysCowboysTailsCowboys
XXIX49ers vs. Chargers49ers49ersHeads49ers
XXVIIICowboys vs. BillsCowboysCowboysTailsCowboys
XXVIICowboys vs. BillsCowboysCowboysHeadsBills
XXVIWashington vs. BillsWashingtonWashingtonHeadsWashington
XXVBills vs. GiantsBillsGiantsHeadsBills
XXIVBroncos vs. 49ers49ers49ersHeadsBroncos
XXIII49ers vs. Bengals49ers49ersTails49ers
XXIIWashington vs. BroncosBroncosWashingtonHeadsWashington
XXIBroncos vs. GiantsGiantsGiantsTails49ers
XXBears vs. PatriotsBearsBearsTailsBears
XIX49ers vs. Dolphins49ers49ersTails49ers
XVIIIRaiders vs. WashingtonWashingtonRaidersHeadsRaiders
XVIIDolphins vs. WashingtonDolphinsWashingtonTailsDolphins
XVI49ers vs. Bengals49ers49ersTails49ers
XVEagles vs. RaidersEaglesRaidersTailsEagles
XIVRams vs. SteelersSteelersSteelersHeadsRams
XIIICowboys vs. SteelersSteelersSteelersHeadsCowboys
XIICowboys vs. BroncosCowboysCowboysHeadsCowboys
XIRaiders vs. VikingsRaidersRaidersTailsRaiders
XCowboys vs. SteelersSteelersSteelersHeadsCowboys
IXSteelers vs. VikingsSteelersSteelersTailsSteelers
VIIIDolphins vs. VikingsDolphinsDolphinsHeadsDolphins
VIIDolphins vs. WashingtonDolphinsDolphinsHeadsDolphins
VIDolphins vs. CowboysCowboysCowboysHeadsDolphins
VCowboys vs. ColtsColtsColtsTailsCowboys
IVVikings vs. ChiefsVikingsChiefsTailsVikings
IIIJets vs. ColtsColtsJetsHeadsJets
IIPackers vs. RaidersPackersPackersTailsRaiders
IPackers vs. ChiefsPackersPackersHeadsPackers

How many times has the coin toss winner won the Super Bowl?

On an all-time basis, this has happened 24 times out of 56 Super Bowls. However, the recent trend has been for the team that wins the flip to go on to lose the game. The last time the toss winner and game winner aligned was at Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

The Seattle Seahawks won the flip with a call of tails, and then proceeded to demolish the Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8. For the last eight years, the winner of the toss has gone on to lose the Super Bowl.


Does the Super Bowl coin flip use a special coin?

Yes. Highland Mint makes a special coin for use at the Super Bowl. The coin’s features are a Lombardi Trophy for heads, while the tails side has an image that represents the current edition of the game.

Which team calls the Super Bowl coin flip?  

The “visiting” team gets to make the call. While the Super Bowl generally takes place on a neutral field, there are still home and away designations for the two clubs. Last year, the Rams were the “visitors” and got to call the flip. This is despite the fact that the game took place on the team’s home field at SoFi Stadium.

When is the 2023 Super Bowl?   

Super Bowl 57 will take place on Feb. 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Fox will be handling broadcast duties, with the game likely to kick off around the usual time of 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

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