Super Bowl 58 Octopus Odds: What Is An Octopus Bet?

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The full menu of Super Bowl 58 betting options is filled with interesting possibilities. One of the more unconventional options for the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers is the bet on whether the game will include an “octopus.” Unfortunately, an octopus did not happen in Super Bowl 58.

For those unaware, the octopus is a clever name for when the same player scores a touchdown and the ensuing two-point conversion. Believe it or not, this bet has hit much more recently than you might expect.

So what exactly is the octopus wager all about? Read on for a complete look at the Super Bowl 58 octopus bet at legal online sportsbooks.  

Super Bowl 58 octopus betting odds

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What is an octopus bet? 

The “octopus” first became a part of the football lexicon only recently. Mitch Goldich of Sports Illustrated coined the term in 2019, and it’s when the same player scores a touchdown and then follows up with a successful two-point conversion. 

Pulling that off adds eight points to the board, all scored by the same player in a two-play sequence, hence the turn of phrase. The octopus bet is not part of the typical NFL wagering menu, but you’ll find it among the hundreds of props available for the Super Bowl.   

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Super Bowl octopus history

Through all 57 Super Bowl games to date, there has only been one octopus. That octopus came in last year’s Super Bowl, when Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts ran for a TD and then scampered in for the ensuing two-point conversion against the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes scored an octopus somewhat recently, running for a 14-yard touchdown in a regular season game against the Tennessee Titans in 2022 and then notching the ensuing two-point conversion.

The octopus is an NFL rarity in general. The league implemented the two-point conversion as an option in 1994, and there have been thousands of games since that point. Over that span, an octopus has occurred only 178 times. The octopus also depends on a team attempting and completing a two-point conversion, which itself is not particularly common. In the 2023 season, for instance, neither the Chiefs nor the 49ers scored on a two-point conversion.