Super Bowl Prop Bet Odds: How Many Players Will Attempt A Pass?

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Among the most popular prop bets for the Super Bowl each year is the line on more than 2.5 players to attempt a pass. That’s according to data from DraftKings, which last year put the “yes” option for that bet among its most popular Super Bowl props.

The bet hit at Super Bowl 58, as 49ers WR Jauan Jennings threw a touchdown pass to Christian McCaffrey in the second quarter.

Odds on more than 2 players to attempt a pass in Super Bowl 58

Below are odds on the number of players to attempt a pass in the Super Bowl, courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Total players to attempt a passDraftKings Sportsbook
Over 2.5+164
Under 2.5-198

In each NFL game, it’s pretty much a given that both teams will attempt at least one pass. The quarterback on each side is more or less guaranteed to throw the ball at some point. That leaves us with the question of whether a third player for either the Chiefs or the 49ers will also attempt one at some point during Super Bowl 58.

There are two basic ways this is most likely to happen. One is that one team has to bring in a backup quarterback for at least some portion of the game. That can happen due to injury, a blowout, or simply poor play. If a starting quarterback is only out for a play or two, his replacement may not end up throwing the ball. But with a substitution of any real substance, there’s a good chance that a third player will end up attempting a pass.

The other most likely way is due to a trick play in which a non-quarterback attempts a pass. Most teams have at least one play in their playbook where a running back or wide receiver throws the ball. There’s also the chance of a fake punt or fake field goal, in which a team’s holder or kicker might attempt a pass. If it happens even once in the game, the over 2.5 line hits.

Recent Super Bowl passing attempt history

In last year’s game, only the two quarterbacks — Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs and Jalen Hurts for the Eagles — attempted passes. In the previous year’s Super Bowl, both the L.A. Rams and Cincinnati Bengals had one pass attempt by a non-quarterback. That makes four of the last 11 Super Bowls in which three or more players attempted a pass.

Super Bowls sometimes see an increase in trick plays and fakes, thus increasing the chances of this bet hitting. For one thing, both teams have an extra week to add some new wrinkles to their playbooks. Additionally, there’s no reason to save any unused trick plays at this point. Teams might as well use them in the Super Bowl, since there is nothing left to play for until next season.

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