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How to bet on the Super Bowl legally

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The Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of the year, and the numbers will only continue to grow as additional states legalize online sports betting. The next edition — Super Bowl LVI — is set for Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

The first round of the NFL Playoffs is now in the books. We saw some big statements made over Super Wild Card Weekend. Just eight teams remain alive in the quest for Super Bowl glory. Over in the futures market, the Packers (+350) are the favorites to win the 2022 Super Bowl with the Chiefs (+380) right behind them. The Bills (+500) and Buccaneers (+550) are next up after impressive victories in round one. 

This page provides you with the latest Super Bowl lines as well as information on where and how to bet the Super Bowl legally online. Our customizable live odds feed below keeps you up to date on the risers and fallers in the chase for the Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl 2022 odds


Latest Super Bowl 2022 odds: Packers favored to win Super Bowl LVI entering Divisional Round

In advance of the NFL regular season, the futures market odds for Super Bowl 56 favored a Big Game rematch. Both the Chiefs and Buccaneers remain in the mix. Kansas City entered the season with odds of +500 followed by Tampa Bay at +600. Those two squads are still among the favorites with odds of +380 and +550 respectively.

The Packers began the season with odds of +1300, but they are now atop the charts as we get set for the Divisional Round with odds of +350. The Bills round out the top four with odds of +500 after a dominating win over the Patriots over the weekend.

While the Chiefs and Bills are the two favorites on the AFC side, they’ll be squaring off in round two of the playoffs. Just one will advance to meet the winner of the Bengals +1500 and Titans +850 game.  Over on the NFC side, the Packers and Buccaneers are both favored for their games over the 49ers +1000 and Rams +750 respectively.

In the wake of this upcoming weekend’s results, the four teams that are left standing will meet in the AFC and NFC Championship games to determine who will advance to play in Super Bowl LVI.

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Green Bay Packers+350+1300
Kansas City Chiefs+380+500
Buffalo Bills+500+1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+550+600
Los Angeles Rams+750+1400
Tennessee Titans+850+3000
San Francisco 49ers+1000+1400
Cincinnati Bengals+1500+15000

Odds table was last updated on Jan. 18, 2021. Super Bowl odds provided by TheLines.

Legal Super Bowl betting continues to expand across the US. Since the Supreme Court ruling in May 2018, many states have taken action while others remain a work in progress. Here’s the current list of where Super Bowl betting is available.

Where you can legally betAgeLaunch date
Colorado sportsbooks21May 1, 2020
Illinois sportsbooks21June 18, 2020
Indiana sportsbooks21Oct. 3, 2019
Iowa sportsbooks21Aug. 15, 2019
Michigan sportsbooks21Jan. 22, 2021
Nevada sportsbooks21Apps began 2010
New Hampshire sportsbooks18Dec. 30, 2019
New Jersey sportsbooks21Aug. 1, 2018
New York sportsbooks21Q1 2022
Oregon sportsbooks21Oct. 16, 2019
Pennsylvania sportsbooks21May 28, 2019
Rhode Island sportsbooks18Sept. 4, 2019
Tennessee sportsbooks21Nov. 1, 2020
Virginia sportsbooks21Jan. 21, 2021
Washington, DC sportsbooks18June 4, 2020
West Virginia sportsbooks21Aug. 26, 2019
Wyoming sportsbooks21Sept. 1, 2021

In the above states, you’ll find some combination of mobile, retail and online options, but not all three are available in each locale. There’s also a handful of states that have approved in-person betting while still sorting through online and mobile approval.

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New Mexico

Moving forward, several states are at least working on legislation, while others still have lots of work to do.

How to bet on Super Bowl 56 online

Betting on the Super Bowl at a retail sportsbook can be a memorable experience. But it’s also tough to beat the convenience of betting online or via app. There are a number of methods to explore on those fronts.

DraftKings Sportsbook 

DraftKings has consistently received high marks for its platform. It’s packed with features while being easy to use. NFL bettors will find a clear listing of available props for the big game, and a live betting platform once it kicks off.

DraftKings Sportsbook is available in the following states: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY

FanDuel Sportsbook

Being user-friendly and visually appealing has helped the FanDuel platform stand apart from the crowd. Navigation is easy, and all of the main functions work well. Hallmarks include competitive lines and parlay features.

FanDuel Sportsbook is available in the following states: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA & WV

BetMGM Sportsbook

The MGM brand name is coming to be known for more than its iconic destinations. BetMGM has been growing rapidly, with a solid online and mobile offering. Super Bowl bettors will find a variety of bets and a large assortment of props.

BetMGM Sportsbook is available in the following states: AZ, CO, DC, IN, IA, MI, MS, NJ, NV, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY\

PointsBet Sportsbook

Since debuting in the US in January 2019, PointsBet has been making noise. The company has expanded its reach tremendously. A great interface and attention to the odds have certainly helped. The PointsBetting feature has been a hit with NFL bettors.

PointsBet Sportsbook is available in the following states: CO, IL, IN, IA, MI, NJ, VA & WV

BetRivers Sportsbook

This is another platform that’s easy to use while looking great. BetRivers has become a popular destination for bettors in several states. A great rewards program has helped to build loyalty, while a clean listing of available wagers and smooth betting are among the highlights.

BetRivers Sportsbook is available in the following states: AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, MI, NY, PA & VA

How to bet on the Super Bowl

As soon as the Super Bowl matchup is official, sportsbooks will quickly release the odds for the game. The initial wave of lines will be for the three main bet types: moneylines, point spreads and totals. The listing will look something like this.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers+135+3 (-110)Over 56 (-110)
Kansas City Chiefs-155-3 (-110)Under 56 (-110)

After the initial release, it’s common to see the numbers move in response to betting action. For example, by the time the game kicks off, it’s not uncommon to see a point or two of difference from the opening line.

It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare the lines at multiple shops. They won’t all move in unison, so you may be able to find better numbers just by taking a look around. As for the individual bet types, here’s how they work.

  • Moneylines: Pick the side you think will win the game.
  • Point spreads: The side you choose has to cover the spread.
  • Totals: You can choose over or under the estimated number.

All three bets will bring in tons of action for the Super Bowl. They all make for great ways to get involved with the biggest betting event of the year, but they’re also far from the only choices on the betting menu.

Live betting on the Super Bowl  

Once the game kicks off, you can bet along in real time with online sportsbook apps in legal states. Live betting, also known as in -game betting, is one of the fastest-growing segments of the sports betting industry. It’s a fast-moving market in which the odds and offerings will vary based on what’s happening. Here are some examples of what you can bet on:

  • What will be the result of the next drive?
  • Total points or team to have the lead in a quarter or half.
  • Various player, team and game prop-style bets.

An important note to keep in mind with live betting is this: It can be easy to get caught up in the action. If you plan on live betting, have a clear budget in mind and stick to it. It can be entertaining to wager along in real time, but it will be much less so if you are betting beyond your personal limits

Super Bowl props

During the regular season and playoffs, there are several NFL games to choose from. On Super Bowl Sunday, it’s just a single contest on the docket.

However, that doesn’t mean you will be short on options to consider. Prop betting is one of the top highlights of the big game from a wagering perspective.

Sportsbooks go all-out as a result. There are hundreds of options to choose from. While many are of the standard variety and revolve around what happens on the field, there will also be some that have a little bit of entertainment flair attached:

  • Result of coin toss.
  • Gatorade color used for celebrating on the winning sideline.

While the above props are legal, there are just some examples of other entertainment-related prop bets that you won’t see at legal US sportsbooks:

  • Will there be any nudity during the halftime show?
  • How many gambling references will the broadcast team make during the game?

Beyond the fun props, there’s plenty of attention for those of a more serious variety, such as the player to be named Super Bowl MVP. While you’ll find a lot of similarity in offerings between books, this is another good area to shop around as there may be some distinct offerings in certain spots that aren’t available elsewhere.

How to bet on Super Bowl futures

Futures bets on the winner of the next Super Bowl will come out soon after the current game is in the books. Recently, it’s been common to get a sneak peek from certain sportsbooks before the game is even final.

There will be odds for all 32 teams, ranging from the top favorites down to the also-rans of the league. Odds for a few of the favorites might look something like this:

  • Kansas City Chiefs +500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +850
  • Green Bay Packers +1100
  • Buffalo Bills +1200

While the obvious idea is to nail the winner, there’s a bit more to consider when playing the futures market. In a perfect world, you’ll find your preferred selection at the best possible price. As such, it’s always a good idea to line shop and compare prices.

Naturally, you can’t cash in winning tickets until the result is final, so Super Bowl futures require a long-term perspective. You can make a single wager and call it a day, but there are plenty of handicappers who stay engaged with the market all season long.

Rules and regulations for Super Bowl betting 

Since legal states can set their own rules in regard to sports betting, there are differences and similarities across jurisdictions. For example, the legal age isn’t uniform across states, but every state prohibits team- and league-affiliated personnel from betting on their own sports.

At individual sportsbooks, you’ll find a similar story. There’s a lot of uniformity in house rules across the industry, but also a few quirks here and there.

For betting on the NFL and the Super Bowl, here are a couple of the most common points:

  • All wagers are settled based on official league data and statistics.
  • For player prop markets, sportsbooks will remove wagers for athletes ruled out of the game prior to kickoff from the board.

One of the more interesting aspects of Super Bowl betting is the prop markets. As a general rule, bets have to revolve around the actual contest, but the lines get blurry here with questions such as the color of Gatorade used to shower the winning coach.

Offshore sites and illegal Super Bowl betting

Legal sports betting options may be prevalent in several states, but there’s still an active market of illegal gambling. This includes offshore sites that claim to operate under what they call a cloud of uncertainty in US laws. The sites may look completely legitimate, but a closer look reveals they are operating in violation of federal law.

Among the red flags to watch for are the acceptance of alternative currencies as funding options, and the availability of bets that state regulators wouldn’t permit. At the top of the list of drawbacks for taking your business there is the fact that there are simply no guarantees that your funds will be safe.

State laws have specific protections in place for user funds, and you’ll have a clear path toward resolution in the event that any problems arise. There are no such guarantees in place with offshore sites, so you’re taking a roll of the dice.

2022 NFL playoffs format

Beginning with the 2020 season, the NFL made changes to its postseason format. For all seasons dating back to 1990, 12 teams made the cut, six each from the AFC and NFC.

It now stands at 14 clubs, seven apiece from both conferences. Additionally, the number of teams receiving a bye in both conferences was reduced from two to one.

  • Four division winners in both conferences earn playoff berths .
  • The remaining three slots on both sides go to wild card teams; i.e., the next-best teams in terms of overall record.
  • Tie breaking procedures will determine qualifiers as necessary.
  • Playoffs begin with Wild Card Weekend. There are three games on both sides of the bracket, with winners advancing. The top-seeded team in each conference receives a bye through this round.
  • Next is the Divisional Round. There are two games on both sides for a total of four, with winners advancing.
  • The final two teams in both conferences meet in the Conference Championship games, with winners advancing to play in the Super Bowl.

Including the Super Bowl, there are 13 games in the NFL postseason. All of them will be among the most heavily bet games of the year in any sport, with the actual Super Bowl taking the prize as the top wagering event of them all.

Super Bowl LVI Date, Time, Location

The next Super Bowl will be the 56th edition. According to the current odds in the futures market, last year’s participants — the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers — are the favorites to represent the AFC and NFC, respectively.

  • Date: Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022
  • Location: Inglewood, California
  • Venue: SoFi Stadium
  • Kickoff time: 6:30 p.m. ET
  • TV network: NBC

Which NFL teams have the most Super Bowl appearances?  

Just one NFL franchise has reached double digits in Super Bowl appearances, while another nine have made it to five or more. At the opposite end of the spectrum, four clubs are still in the hunt for their first appearance.

New England Patriots116-5Won Super Bowl LIII in 2019 over Los Angeles Rams
Pittsburgh Steelers86-2Lost Super Bowl XLV in 2011 to Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys85-3Won Super Bowl XXX in 1996 over Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos83-5Won Super Bowl L in 2016 over Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers75-2Lost Super Bowl LIV in 2020 to Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers54-1Won Super Bowl XLV in 2011 over Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Giants54-1Won Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 over New England Patriots
Washington Football Team53-2Won Super Bowl XXVI in 1992 over Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raider53-2Lost Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003 to Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Miami Dolphins52-3Lost Super Bowl XIX in 1985 to San Francisco 49ers
Indianapolis Colts42-2Lost Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 to New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Rams41-3Lost Super Bowl LIII in 2019 to New England Patriots
Minnesota Vikings40-4Lost Super Bowl XI in 1977 to Oakland Raiders
Buffalo Bills40-4Lost Super Bowl XXXVIII in 1994 to Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs42-2Lost Super Bowl LV in 2021 to Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Seattle Seahawks31-2Lost Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 to New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles31-2Won Super Bowl LII in 2018 over New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens22-0Won Super Bowl XLVII in 2013 over San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears21-1Lost Super Bowl XLI in 2007 to Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals20-2Lost Super Bowl XXIII in 1989 to San Francisco 49ers
Carolina Panthers20-2Lost Super Bowl L in 2016 to Denver Broncos
Atlanta Falcons20-2Lost Super Bowl LI in 2017 to New England Patriots
Tampa Bay Buccaneers22-0Won Super Bowl LV in 2021 over Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets11-0Won Super Bowl III in 1969 over Baltimore Colts
New Orleans Saints11-0Won Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 over Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers10-1Lost Super Bowl XXIX in 1995 to San Francisco 49ers
Tennessee Titans10-1Lost Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000 to St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals10-1Lost Super Bowl XLIII in 2009 to Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland BrownsoN/AN/A
Detroit Lions0N/AN/A
Houston Texans0N/AN/A
Jacksonville Jaguars0N/AN/A

Super Bowl betting history

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling in May 2018, legal Super Bowl betting in the US was available only in Nevada. Las Vegas was quite a popular destination around the time of the game as a result, and the various books would go all-out for the festivities. While it remains that way today, the landscape has shifted mightily.

Now that sports betting is legal in a growing number of states, Sin City no longer has the event on lockdown from a betting perspective. Fans in a number of states can now legally and safely wager on the Super Bowl, and many more will have access to do the same in the future.

Unsurprisingly, the sportsbooks in legal states are doing some outstanding business. It’s important to remember that this is with less than half of the US currently having access to legal sports betting, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s to come as additional states come online.

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