2024-25 NFL Win Totals Odds

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NFL win total odds for the 2024-25 season are available at online sportsbooks. Lines and odds for each team’s total wins for next season are in the table below. Clicking any of those odds will take you to the sportsbook offering that wager.

Win totals for all 32 teams

Team Opening Win Total

Largest NFL win total lines

Looking back to last season, just six teams had lines of 10.5 or more wins at the online sportsbooks we cover at Legal Sports Report. Three of those clubs exceeded their lines by a half-win, and the other trio came in under their totals. For next season, the number of clubs with a line of 10.5 wins or more has increased to eight.

All eight of the clubs reached the NFL playoffs a season ago. The three highest win totals belong to the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs, the NFC champions 49ers, and the Ravens. Baltimore had the most regular season wins in the league last season at 13. The Cowboys, Lions, and 49ers all won 12 games apiece.

Lowest NFL win totals

At the other end of the spectrum, just two teams had lines of 5.5 wins or lower heading into last season. The Cardinals finished under that benchmark with a record of 4-13. The Texans, however, thoroughly exceeded their line with a final record of 10-7. The club was also the surprising winner of the AFC South.

For the 2024-25 season, low expectations are in the air for the Panthers, Broncos, and Patriots. Over the offseason, Dave Canales was hired to take over on the sidelines in Carolina. The Broncos have parted ways with Russell Wilson and will have a new starting quarterback. Jerod Mayo is the new head coach in New England, replacing the departing Bill Belichick.

NFL win total risers and fallers

A difference of two or more wins between an NFL team’s record from last season and its line for this season is significant. Nine clubs fall into that category, with six showing an increase and the other three a decrease. All six of the risers missed out on the postseason last time around. The Chargers have the biggest difference at +3.5, with a line of 8.5 wins following a 5-12 campaign.

Los Angeles has hired Jim Harbaugh, fresh off a college national championship at Michigan, as its new head coach. Of the three clubs that are at -2.5, the Browns and Steelers made the playoffs last season, but both exited early. The Broncos are heading in a new direction at QB, and sportsbooks are tempering expectations as a result.

How do you bet on NFL win totals?

The NFL win total bet is a standard over/under wager. Sportsbooks will set a line on total wins for all 32 NFL teams. Bettors can then wager on a team finishing over or under its line.

If you think that the team will win more games than the line indicates, then you would choose over, while you would pick under if you think the team will fall short. Such a bet is a season-long wager that won’t be settled until we get a definitive outcome.

NFL win total FAQ

Which NFL team has the record for most wins in one season?

The 2007 New England Patriots hold the record with 16 wins. After going undefeated for the regular season, the team advanced to the Super Bowl before losing to the New York Giants.

What’s the longest winning streak in NFL history?

The New England Patriots hold the record with 21 games. The team closed out the 2003 season on a 15-game winning streak, including a Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers. It then went on to win its first six games of the 2004 regular season.

How many NFL teams have gone winless for an entire season?

Twelve teams have gone through an entire season without a win since the NFL began in 1920. The most recent was the 2017 Cleveland Browns, who finished with a record of 0-16.

Which NFL team is expected to win the most games this season?

For the 2024-25 season, the Ravens, Chiefs, and 49ers lead the way with win total lines of 11.5.

Which NFL team do sportsbooks expect to be the worst this season?

The Carolina Panthers have the lowest win total at top online sportsbooks, with the line set at 4.5.