Super Bowl 57: Will There Be A Touchback On The Opening Kickoff? 

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NFL Philadelphia Eagles place kicker Jake Elliott

There are hundreds of ways to bet on Super Bowl 57 at legal online sportsbooks. While dozens are based on the big game in its entirety, there are also some that are settled instantly as the action plays out in real time. 

Included on the list is a wager that involves the first play of the game. Bettors have a simple choice: Will there be a touchback on the opening kickoff? Let’s take a look at the Super Bowl 57 opening kickoff bet.

How to bet on the Super Bowl 57 opening kickoff 

Here are the latest odds on the wager from DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook

Opening Kickoff Touchback? DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel Sportsbook

If you think that a touchback is on the way, you simply click “yes,” while “no” is the choice if you anticipate something else happening. Just seconds after the ball starts sailing through the air, you’ll have an answer. The bet is quickly settled once we know the outcome. If you make the right call and win, funds will arrive in your account quickly. 

Chiefs opening kickoff results

For this season as a whole, the Chiefs have handled the opening kickoff 10 times with three different kickers. Here’s how it shook out: 

All told, six of ten kickoffs went for touchbacks. Butker, who will be handling duties at the Super Bowl, took care of seven opening kickoffs and recorded a touchback five times. In total, Butker took care of 68 kickoffs this season and landed a touchback on 44, a success rate of 64.7%. For his career, 68.3% of his kickoffs have been touchbacks.    

Eagles opening kickoff results

The Eagles have taken care of the opening kickoff 13 times for the season to date with two kickers. Here are the results.  

The end result was a touchback seven of 13 times. It’ll be Elliott handling kicking duties in the big game. For his 12 attempts, he nailed seven touchbacks. On the season in total, Elliott hit 63 touchbacks on 91 kickoffs, or 69.2%. During his career, his total touchback percentage is 63.3.

Recent Super Bowl opening kickoff history

At last year’s Super Bowl, Evan McPherson of the Bengals recorded a touchback on the opening kickoff versus the Rams. That feat snapped a string of four straight Super Bowls in which the opening kickoff was returned. 

If we dig back even further, the touchback has been a bit of a rarity in recent times. Since the turn of the century — 22 Super Bowls — three have gone for touchbacks. We’ll have to wait to see if McPherson’s boot from last year began a new trend.    

Has the opening kickoff ever been returned for a TD at the Super Bowl? 

At Super Bowl XLI in 2007, Devin Hester of the Bears took the opening kickoff 92 yards for a score versus the Colts. That was the first and only time that it has happened to date. All told, just 10 kickoffs have been returned for TDs at the Super Bowl.