You will find a wide range of soccer betting options on every single game at the best online sportsbooks. This guide explains how to bet on soccer in 2024, from Copa America and the Euros to the Premier League and MLS. We have broken down the most popular betting options, explained how to read the odds, and highlighted the top soccer betting sites.

Soccer moneyline betting

Moneyline betting simply requires you to predict the result of a soccer game. The sportsbooks will weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, and they will then assign odds to each potential outcome.

3-way moneyline

A soccer game has three potential outcomes: home win, draw (tie), or away win. An online sportsbook will release odds on each possible result before the game kicks off. Here is an example:

If the moneyline odds are negative, the number indicates the amount you would need to risk in order to generate a $100 profit. A $275 bet on Argentina would net you $100 if they end up winning. If the odds number is positive, it tells you the amount you would stand to win from a $100 bet. A $100 bet on a draw at +400 would deliver a profit of $400 if successful, whereas a $100 bet on Canada would result in a $775 profit if that ended up being the outcome.

You can wager any amount you like. The numbers are simply a guide. For example, a $20 bet on Argentina would have a potential profit of $7.27, a $20 bet on a draw would stand to win an $80 profit, and a $20 bet on Canada would result in a $155 profit if successful.

2-way moneyline

This wager is known as draw no bet. It essentially means that bets on either team to win will push if the game ends in a draw (tie). Here is an example:

If you think Netherlands will win, but you are concerned that the game might result in a tie, you can bet on “Netherlands draw no bet.” In that case, there are three potential outcomes:

Soccer double chance lines

This soccer betting option allows you to cover two of the three potential outcomes. For example, here is a double chance market:

If you think that Austria will avoid defeat, you can bet on Austria-draw at +160. You will then win the bet if the Austrians either win or hold France to a draw, but you lose if France wins the game.

Additional options

There are many additional options when betting on the result of a soccer game. Here are some examples:

Soccer spread betting

One soccer team will receive a handicap, and you then need to predict which team will cover the resulting spread. Here is a straightforward example of a soccer spread:

In this example, you have two options. If you believe the US will win by a margin of at least two goals, you can bet on USA -1.5. Alternatively, if you think Mexico will win, secure a draw, or only lose by a single goal, you can bet on Mexico +1.5.

Online sportsbooks also offer Asian handicap lines. These alternative lines give you greater flexibility, as they introduce the potential for a bet to result in a push, a half-win, or a half-loss. Here is an example:

Asian HandicapPotential OutcomesAsian HandicapPotential Outcomes
USA -1 (-250)Pays out if the US wins by at least two goals. Pushes if the US wins by one goal. Loses if the US fails to win.Mexico +1 (+185)Pays out if Mexico wins or draws. Pushes if Mexico loses by one goal. Loses if Mexico loses by at least two goals.
USA -1.25 (-174)Pays out if the US wins by at least two goals. Half-loss if the US wins by one goal. Loses if the US fails to win.Mexico +1.25 (+135)Pays out if Mexico wins or draws. Half-win if Mexico loses by one goal. Loses if Mexico loses by at least two goals.
USA -1.5 (-129)Pays out if the US wins by two goals. Loses if the US wins by a single goal or fails to win.Mexico +1.5 (+102)Pays out if Mexico wins, draws, or loses by a single goal. Loses if Mexico loses by at least two goals.
USA -1.75 (+106)Pays out if the US wins by at least three goals. Half-win if the US wins by two goals. Loses if the US wins by a single goal or fails to win.Mexico +1.75 (-119)Pays out if Mexico wins, draws, or loses by a single goal. Half-loss if Mexico loses by two goals. Loses if Mexico loses by at least three goals.
USA -2 (+135)Pays out if the US wins by at least three goals. Pushes if the US wins by two goals. Loses if the US wins by a single goal or fails to win.Mexico +2 (-174)Pays out if Mexico wins, draws, or loses by a single goal. Pushes if Mexico loses by two goals. Loses if Mexico loses by at least three goals.
USA -2.25 (+167)Pays out if the US wins by at least three goals. Half-loss if the US wins by two goals. Loses if the US wins by two goals or fewer or fails to win.Mexico +2.25 (-222)Pays out if Mexico wins, draws, or loses by a single goal. Half-win if Mexico loses by two goals. Loses if Mexico loses by at least three goals.

There will be many other options, but that chart should give you an idea of the various permutations when you place Asian handicap bets.

Soccer over/under betting

You can place over/under bets on the total goals in a soccer game. Here is an example:

If you expect the teams to combine for at least three goals, you can bet on “over.” If you think there will be no more than two goals, bet on “under.” You do not need to specify the result. Simply decide if you think it will be a high-scoring game or a low-scoring clash.

There will be over/under odds on 0.5 goals, 1.5 goals, 2.5 goals, 3.5 goals, 4.5 goals, and 5.5 goals at the best sportsbooks. Here are some additional options:

You can also place over/under bets on the number of corners in a game, the number of shots on target, the number of yellow cards or red cards, and much more.

Soccer prop bets

Prop bets will focus on player stats, team stats, or in-game events. These betting options are normally independent of which team wins. They can be divided into game props, player props, and team props.

Soccer game props

Game props focus on whether an event will occur during a soccer match. Here are some common examples:

Both teams to score is a popular bet. Bettors sometimes will also combine it with over 2.5 goals to create a simple same-game parlay or combine with multiple wagers around soccer to create a traditional parlay bet. That is a useful betting option if you anticipate an open, entertaining game, but you are unsure which team will win.

Soccer player props

These bets focus on an individual player’s performance. Here are some of the options:

You’ll also see many other player props. However, the most likely options tend to be betting on a player to score at any time and betting on a player to receive a card. Most of the other betting options are long shots.

Soccer team props

These soccer betting options focus on one particular team. These are some of the team props to consider:

Once again, you’ll also see a variety of additional team props. Most of them are novelty bets, but betting over/under on the number of shots a team will have can be a useful option.

Soccer future bets

These are long-term bets that run over the course of an entire season or tournament. They do not focus on the result of a single game. Here are some examples of futures betting options:

Sportsbooks will release odds on these futures before the tournament gets underway. They will then update the odds throughout the course of whatever you are betting on, reflecting how well each team or player is performing.

This can provide you with options to hedge your bets later on. For example, let’s say you bet $100 on France to win Euro 2024 at odds of +400. Les Bleus then make it through to the final, where they will play against Spain. If Spain has odds of +100 to lift the trophy, you could bet $350 on Spain. You would then be guaranteed to receive $150 in profit regardless of who wins.

How to bet on soccer

It is quick and easy to bet on soccer at leading online sportsbooks. Follow these steps to get started on how to bet:

1. Choose a legal online sportsbook. Every licensed, regulated online sportsbook takes bets on soccer and many offer soccer betting promos. Select one of our recommended sportsbooks and follow the link provided to visit your chosen site.

2. Know the rules. The legal sports betting age is 21 in most states, but you only need to be 18 or older in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and Kentucky (though many online books in Kentucky still impose a minimum age of 21). Make sure you are in a state where online sports wagering is legal and that you select a site that has a license from your state regulator.

3. Create an account. Open the registration form and provide your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, home address, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Set up a password, accept the terms, and verify your account.

4. Fund your account. Click the “Deposit” button, select a payment method, and add funds to your account.

5. Browse the soccer leagues and tournaments. Choose “Soccer” from the sports on the main menu. Select one of the leagues and then pick a particular game or futures market. Click on any betting option that appeals to you.

6. Place your bet. Your pick will appear on your betting slip. Enter the amount you would like to risk, and it will inform you of the potential winnings if your bet wins. Click to place the bet.

7. Withdraw your winnings. If your pick is correct, you’ll receive a payout after the game. The funds will appear in your account balance, and you can withdraw them if you like. The best sportsbooks may offer same-day payouts via withdrawal options like Play+ and PayPal.

The best online sportsbooks will provide hundreds of betting options on a single soccer game. They fit into four broad categories: moneylines, spreads, totals, and props. You can also place futures bets, which focus on a team’s performance over an entire season or tournament.

Soccer leagues and tournaments to bet on

The best sportsbooks take bets on hundreds of leagues and tournaments. For example, if you visit bet365, you can bet on everything from the Algeria Cup to the Tajikistan Vysshaya Liga. However, most of the action goes on a handful of prominent leagues and tournaments.

Premier League betting

The Premier League is the world’s most popular sports league, with a global TV audience of 3.2 billion people per season, according to Ernst & Young. It features the 20 best teams in England, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United. Nielsen figures show that the Premier League also recently overtook Liga MX to become the most popular soccer league among US viewers. There are hundreds of Premier League odds available to US users.

Champions League betting

The Champions League is Europe’s most prestigious club competition. The best teams from England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands battle it out for glory in the latter stages of the tournament each year. You will often find more betting options on Champions League games than on any other soccer matches. Champions League odds will be easy to find on any online sportsbook.

MLS betting

Major League Soccer has grown in popularity after attracting some of the world’s best players in recent years. Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale are among the international superstars who are playing out their careers in the United States, while the quality of the homegrown players continues to improve. Inter Miami leads the way in MLS futures odds. The league is divided into two conferences — east and the west — and the top teams from each conference qualify for the MLS Cup playoffs each year.

Betting on other European leagues

The other major European soccer leagues are La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), and Ligue 1 (France). Portugal’s Primeira Liga and the Netherlands’ Eredivisie are also pretty strong, and you can bet on dozens of other European leagues and cups, too. The Champions League is the continent’s premier club competition, but the Europa League and the Europa Conference League also generate betting interest.

World Cup betting

The World Cup takes place every four years. Only the best national teams from across the globe qualify for this tournament. They are divided into groups, and the top teams qualify for the knockout stage, which is a single elimination bracket until just two teams remain. More than 1.5 billion people watched Argentina beat France in the 2022 World Cup final. The 2026 World Cup will take place in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Euros betting

The European Championship also takes place every four years. This tournament follows a similar format to the World Cup, but it is for European nations only. Germany, Italy, France, and Spain are among the most successful teams in the competition’s history. France currently leads Euro odds to win the tournament.

Copa America betting

Copa America always features 10 teams from South America, plus six invited teams from outside the continent. The teams compete in four groups, and the top two squads from each group advance to the quarterfinals. Argentina and Uruguay are the most successful teams in Copa America history. Argentina is the favorite amongst all Copa America odds to win this summer.

Soccer betting FAQ

Where can I watch Premier League games in the United States?

Premier League games in the US will appear on NBC, the USA Network,, or the Peacock Premium streaming service. FA Cup and EFL Cup games are on ESPN+, and Champions League games are on CBS and Paramount+.

What are the biggest soccer tournaments in 2024?

The European Championship and Copa America are the two biggest international soccer tournaments taking place in 2024. They will be in the summer, after the Champions League, Premier League, and other major tournaments have concluded.

When is the 2024 MLS Cup final?

The 2024 MLS Cup final will take place on Saturday, Dec. 7. The regular season will conclude with Decision Day on October 19, and the playoffs will then begin. The winners of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference will meet in the MLS Cup final.

When does the 2024 summer transfer window open?

The summer transfer window opens on June 14 for Premier League clubs and closes on Sept. 1. However, it does not open until July 1 for clubs in Spain, Italy, and Germany, so most of the business will take place during July and August.

Which stats are helpful when handicapping a soccer game?

You can focus on each team’s goals per game, goals conceded per game, and clean sheet percentages when handicapping a soccer game. It is helpful to find home and away tables and to break down each team’s results over the last six games or eight games. Other useful stats include expected goals and expected goals against. Make sure you find up-to-date information on player injuries, as teams can struggle if they are missing important personnel. Also consider factoring in motivation, fatigue, and head-to-heads when handicapping an upcoming soccer game.