UEFA Champions League Odds: Best Group Stage Match Odds, Futures, And More

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The UEFA Champions League has begun the Round of 16. Matches continue the first week of March as part of the ongoing Champions League knockout stage. Top sportsbooks have odds on all the upcoming UCL matches.

The current Champions League favorite is still Manchester City at odds of . Other Champions League favorites include Bayern München at odds of , Real Madrid at , and Arsenal at .

The current round of the Champions League is slated to run through March 13. That will conclude the second leg of matches in the Round of 16, with the winners advancing. Read below for full Champions League match odds, as well as futures odds for the next winner of the Champions League.

UEFA Champions League match odds

Below are odds for upcoming matches in the Champions League. If you see a bet you like, click on the odds to be redirected to the sportsbook where you can place that wager.

Tuesday, March 5

Lazio at Bayern München

Paris Saint-Germain at Real Sociedad

Wednesday, March 6

Copenhagen at Manchester City

RB Leipzig at Real Madrid

Wednesday, March 13

Inter at Atletico Madrid

PSV at Borussia Dortmund

Champions League futures odds

You’ll find various odds for the upcoming 2023-24 Champions League season below. Manchester City began as the favorite and remains there after a campaign in which it won the UCL title along with the EPL and FA Cup titles, giving the team its first treble.

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Types of Champions League bets

For each match in the Champions League, sportsbooks will offer odds on the moneyline, spread, and total goals. These tend to be the most popular options with sports bettors.

The moneyline simply refers to which team will win the match. Betting options will be moneyline odds on both teams as well as on the match ending in a draw. The Champions League Final is the only match that includes the option for an extra period or penalty kick shootout to decide a winner. Even there, a tie score at the end of regulation counts as a draw by most sportsbooks’ rules.

The spread refers to the final goal differential between the two teams. If a team is a -1.5 favorite on the spread, that means a bet on that team would only be successful if the team wins by two goals or more. If the spread is +1.5, that means a bet on that team would win if the team loses by only one goal or wins by any margin.

Total goals refers to the combined total score in a match. If the final score is 4-2, regardless of which team wins, the total would be six, for example. Most sportsbooks also offer other options, such as bets on whether both teams will score, which side will lead at halftime and/or full time, and more.

Recent Champions League winners and league odds history

Real Madrid, of Spain’s La Liga, has been the dominant Champions League club of the last decade. In addition to winning the 2021-22 campaign with a 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the final, Real Madrid has won the title in six of the last nine years. Despite that success, it opened at +1400 to win the league in 2021-22. Real Madrid also holds the record for most Champions League titles overall, with 14.

For the 2022-23 season, Man City won its first UCL title after opening as a heavy favorite. It was the only major competition the team had been denied, and now the squad is once again favored for a second straight year.

UEFA Champions League FAQ

Can I bet on the UEFA Champions League?

Yes. The Champions League is one of the world’s major soccer events, and virtually all legal sportsbooks will offer odds on every match.

What are some popular bets for Champions League matches?

The most popular bets tend to be moneyline bets, as well as point spreads and total goals.

What is the format for how the Champions League progresses?

The tournament begins with a double round-robin group stage that takes place from September to December. After that, the 16 top teams advance to the knockout stage, where each matchup features two games (or “legs”), so that each team plays one home and one away game. These games can end in draws, which sportsbooks will offer odds on.

The aggregate or total score decides the winner of each matchup, with that team moving on to the next round. The final is a single game, with extra time and/or a penalty kick shootout to decide the winner if necessary.