English Premier League Odds: Moneyline, Total Goals, Goalscorer Props For Every EPL Match

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The Premier League is the highest level of professional soccer in England and one of the most-watched sports leagues on the planet. Its season runs from August to May, with match days mostly concentrated on the weekends. 

The EPL is now into its final week of play for the 2022-23 season. Manchester City has this year’s title sewn up, while Arsenal, Newcastle and Manchester United all seem poised for top-four finishes that will earn them spots in next season’s UEFA Champions League.

Most legal US sportsbooks keep close tabs on action in the Premier League, offering odds and multiple prop bets on every match among the league’s 20 teams. Read on for the latest comparisons of odds for spreads, moneylines and goal totals for upcoming action in the English Premier League.

English Premier League odds

English Premier League matches

Sunday, May 28

Wolverhampton at Arsenal

Brighton at Aston Villa

Manchester City at Brentford

Newcastle United at Chelsea

Nottingham Forest at Crystal Palace

Bournemouth at Everton

Tottenham Hotspur at Leeds United

West Ham at Leicester City

Fulham at Manchester United

Liverpool at Southampton

EPL player props

There are multiple categories you can bet on regarding individual players in the Premier League. Some of the most common and popular prop bets are goal-scoring props, in which you can bet on a player to score one or more goals in a match. You can also typically bet on a specific player to score the first or last goal in an upcoming match.

In addition, many sportsbooks will offer odds on a specific player to receive a booking (meaning to be shown a yellow card by the referee in response to a foul) or to be sent off with a red card in an upcoming match.

EPL futures odds

You can also bet on where in the overall league table a given team will finish the season. One important difference between the EPL and many American sports leagues is that the Premier League does not finish the season with playoffs. A team wins the championship simply by finishing the regular season at the top of the standings.

But winning the Premier League isn’t the only option for team futures. For teams higher up in the table, sportsbooks will often offer odds on the team to either win the league or finish anywhere in the top four, top six or top half of the league. For teams lower down in the table, sportsbooks may offer odds on that team to face relegation at the end of the season.

To finish in the top four

Finishing in the top four of the Premier League is important to teams because it qualifies them to play in the UEFA Champions League, which is typically very lucrative for EPL clubs and can also possibly help them in signing top players. Among teams that still have odds on whether they will finish in the top four, the favorite is Manchester United ().

To finish in the top six

Finishing in the top six is also an important metric because it qualifies teams to participate in the UEFA Europa League. This is a less prestigious and less lucrative tournament than the Champions League, but it’s still a potential boost for EPL clubs and for some indicates a rise through the ranks. Notable teams favored to achieve this include Newcastle United () and Liverpool ().

To finish in the top or bottom half

For teams on the bubble, or stuck somewhere between the top and the bottom of the league, a popular betting option is to wager on a certain team to finish in the top half or the bottom half of the league. The EPL has 20 teams, which separates nicely into two halves and can serve as the difference between being one of the league’s stronger or weaker clubs. 

To be relegated

In the EPL, relegation is the price teams pay for finishing in the bottom three. The Premier League represents the highest level of professional soccer in England. After each season, the three worst teams in the Premier League are relegated to the second-tier EFL Championship, while the three top teams in the Championship are promoted to the Premier League. 

Moving down in leagues can have dire financial consequences for clubs, so it’s a fate teams want to avoid. This in turn helps raise the stakes even in late-season matches between bottom-dwelling teams, because even those clubs that know they have no chance of winning the league or finishing in the top six are still fighting to avoid relegation. Teams like Leicester City () and Leeds United () appear to be in varying degrees of danger of relegation.

Types of EPL bets

For each match in the EPL, sportsbooks typically offer a spread and moneyline odds for each team, as well as odds on the match to end in a draw, which is not uncommon in the EPL. You can also bet on the total number of goals both teams will combine to score in a match.

If the spread for a certain team is +1.5, that means a bet on that team would be successful if the team either loses by only one goal or wins by any margin. If the spread is -1.5, it means the team would need to win by two or more goals, and any other result would mean an unsuccessful bet. The moneyline offers odds on a straight victory by any margin, while the goal total sets a number of combined goals that the two teams will score, allowing bettors to wager on the final score being over or under that number.

You can also usually bet all three categories by first or second half. Many sportsbooks also offer other game props such as odds on which team will score first and/or last, as well as whether the game will include a red card or a penalty kick.

For each match, there are usually also various player props, offering odds on which player will score a goal or receive a yellow or red card.

Recent EPL champions and league odds history

Manchester City is the reigning champion of the English Premier League, having won the title the past two seasons and four of the last five. Man City opened as the favorite to win it all in both of the last two seasons, with Liverpool, the only other team to win an EPL title since 2017, not far behind. Liverpool finished as the runner-up last season and has ended in the top three in each of the last three seasons.

Historically, Manchester United still holds the record for most championships in top-flight English soccer history with 20. Liverpool is right behind with 19, and Arsenal has 13.

English Premier League FAQ

Can I bet on EPL matches?

Yes. Most legal US sportsbooks offer odds on every English Premier League match.

What are some popular EPL bets?

Point spreads and moneylines tend to be the most popular, but you can also bet on total goals or on the match to end as a draw.

How does the EPL differ from major American sports leagues?

One major difference is that an EPL match can end in a draw, which happens with some frequency. There is no overtime, so if the teams are tied at the end of regulation, the game is a draw, and both teams receive one point in the standings. Usually around 23% of EPL matches end in draws each season.

There are also no playoffs in the EPL. Teams win the championship by finishing at the top of the table at the end of the season. Points determine the standings, with the winning team of each match receiving three points and both teams receiving one point for a draw. A losing team receives zero points.