The Week In Sports Betting News: Hard Rock Shuts Florida Down; What’s Next?

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Happy start of the week to everyone, especially to those that praised LSR for its consistent and fair coverage of sports betting news at last week’s SBC Summit North America in New Jersey.

The conference itself did not generate much actual news – panelists tend to stick to PR-approved snippets, after all – but news certainly continued to flow outside of Secaucus.

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Top sports betting news: No more betting in Florida, for now

Hard Rock Sportsbook confirmed at 11 am Saturday it would shut down its online Florida sportsbook effective immediately after the US Court of Appeals rejected the Seminole Indians‘ request for a stay. ”

Hard Rock tried to make the situation sound a little better in its tweet than it actually is as it thanked bettors for participating in its “early access launch.” Bettors had any wagers on events after 11 am Saturday voided and returned to their wallets.

The Seminoles tried to claim shutting down the online sportsbook would cause irreparable harm as vendors discontinued business with them.

Industry attorney Jeff Ifrah did not expect sports betting in Florida to stop while the issue is being worked out, he told Gaming Today. National Indian Gaming Commission Chairman E. Sequoyah Simermeyer declined to comment on Florida citing active litigation.

Is an Ohio agreement actually coming?

According to multiple outlets, there is finally an agreement to legalize sports betting in Ohio.

Rep. Bill Seitz told Play Ohio the issue came down to sports teams wanting to limit all Type A licensees to just one mobile skin. The current bill limits the teams to one skin but others, like casino operators, to two.

All will get the chance to launch a second skin under the agreement. The conference committee is expected to meet Wednesday to approve the agreement.

Last week’s top sports betting news: DraftKings drama

DraftKings has had better weeks as a publicly traded company. The stock, which was around $63 in early September, continued its trenchlike decline last week and closed at $28.37 on Friday.

Aside from the market itself, there were a few reasons for that:

The stock has rallied a bit to start the week, however.

Nevada breaks $1 billion in handle

The narrative that sports betting in Nevada will die because of US sports betting expansion is falling off just a tad after sportsbooks topped $1 billion in handle for October.

Handle hit $1.1 billion in the Silver State. That was only second to New Jersey sportsbooks and their $1.3 billion bet in October.

October is the latest month to see handle records set nearly across the board. That’s mostly because of the five full weekends contained in October’s calendar.

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