How To Build A Super Bowl 58 Same-Game Parlay 

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How To Build A Super Bowl 58 Same-Game Parlay

The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at Super Bowl 58. It’s not only a rematch of the big game from a few seasons back, but also a meeting of two teams that entered the campaign among the betting favorites to win it all. The best Super Bowl betting sites are ready with a host of wagering options. 

From spreads to props and all points in between, there are a variety of bets to choose from. While it’s the only NFL game that day, you can even put together multi-leg wagers. NFL same-game parlays continue to grow in popularity, and they are available for the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.    

What is a same-game parlay? 

A same-game parlay is a bet that involves multiple selections from the same contest. You choose which legs to include on the ticket, such as a team to win plus a player prop or two, and you need to get all of your choices correct to win. Just like a standard parlay that involves bets from multiple games, one wrong choice means that you lose.  

How to place a Super Bowl SGP bet

Same-game parlays are available for wagering at many top online sportsbooks. Placing the bet is a simple process. Just do the following: 

  1. Choose your sportsbook and claim any available bonuses: From the table below, choose where you want to place your SGP bets. Click the associated link to sign up and claim the bonus that’s available to new users. 
  2. Make a deposit: After your account is all set, the next step is to add funds. Just select the cashier function, choose your preferred deposit method, and follow the steps to add money, which will appear in your account right away. 
  3. Review the available wagers and odds: Locate the NFL or Super Bowl 58 section on the sportsbook app. Browse through the available wagers and review the current odds to see what might interest you. 
  4. Add your selections and review: When you find a bet that you want to add to the slip, just click the odds to do so. Once you have all of your selections in place, review them to confirm that everything is correct. 
  5. Enter your stake and place your bet: Once you have your betting slip finalized, add in the amount that you wish to wager and click to place your bet. You can then follow the progress of your selections on the app as the game plays out.   

What can you include in a Super Bowl SGP? 

The exact options for what you can include in an SGP will vary by sportsbook. You can generally build Super Bowl SGPs from the three main pregame betting lines and a wide assortment of props. 

As a general rule, many top online sportsbooks don’t allow you to include the results of the opening coin toss or the Super Bowl MVP award winner in same-game parlays for the Super Bowl. However, the hundreds of available Super Bowl props leave you with plenty of other combinations.   

Latest Super Bowl 58 odds

The table below has the latest Super Bowl 58 odds from legal online sportsbooks. You can change the display via the drop-down menus. 

Super Bowl 58 player props 

You can sort through the hundreds of available Super Bowl 58 props in the table below. Clicking any of the odds will bring you to the sportsbook offering that wager. 

Super Bowl 58 SGP odds and payouts

The payout for a winning Super Bowl same-game parlay will depend on a few factors: the number of legs that you include, the odds for all of your selections, and the amount of your wager. For an example, consider this four-leg SGP at FanDuel Sportsbook

For this bet, the picks are the 49ers to win the game, the total combined score to be over 47.5 points, Travis Kelce to score a TD, and Brock Purdy to throw for more than 246.5 yards. The SGP odds for all four selections combined work out to +801. 

If you get all four of your picks right, the total payout for a winning $20 bet would be $180.38: the amount of your initial stake, plus winnings of $160.38. However, if you get even one leg incorrect, you lose.   

Super Bowl same-game parlay strategy

No matter how well thought out your Super Bowl 58 SGP betting strategy may be, there are simply no guarantees when it comes to sports betting. As such, it’s imperative to adhere to the tenets of responsible gambling. In a nutshell, always bet with your head and never over it. For SGPs, here are a few tips: