Weirdest Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets

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Weird Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets

One thing you can count on when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl is a host of creative wagers that don’t exist during the rest of the NFL season.

This will be every bit as true for Super Bowl 58, as top football sportsbooks prepare a wide range of prop bets for the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

The extent to which those bets have anything to do with football can also vary widely.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the weirdest Super Bowl prop bets available for the 2024 Super Bowl. We’ll also tell you everything you need to know about the novelty bets that only come around once a year.

Super Bowl 58 unusual prop bets

In addition to the usual NFL bets on point spreads, moneylines, totals, and player props, here are some other betting options that are typically only available during the Super Bowl.

Coin toss

Bets aren’t much simpler than this. The opening coin flip of Super Bowl 58 will be either heads or tails. That means either choice has a 50% chance of being correct.

Some bettors like betting on the Super Bowl coin toss for that very reason since betting on the literal flip of a coin requires zero knowledge of football. It’s also a bet that has a quick resolution before the game even starts.

BetMGM Sportsbook lists -105 for both sides of the coin toss bet, as well as -105 odds for the winning team.

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National anthem length

The singing of the national anthem is always a special moment at the Super Bowl.

This year, Reba McEntire will handle the performance, and some sportsbooks may offer odds on which will be quicker: how long it will take her to belt out the “Star-Spangled Banner” or the length of the game’s fastest scoring drive.

That’s the way regulated sportsbooks get around placing odds on the Super Bowl national anthem, as opposed to just placing over/under odds on an outcome that could be known by insiders.

Gatorade color dumped on the winning coach

Another Super Bowl tradition involves showering the game’s winning coach with a tub full of Gatorade. But what color Gatorade will the winning team at Super Bowl 58 use?

This is the unusual prop bet that allows you to put your knowledge of various Gatorade options to work. Note that you don’t need to correctly guess the flavor, only the color of the Gatorade cascading all over the coach.

In recent years, blue has been an especially popular choice for Super Bowl Gatorade betting odds.

Opening kickoff to result in a touchback

This is another bet with an early resolution, during the first play of the game.

Super Bowl 58, like all NFL games, will begin with an opening kickoff. Many sportsbooks offer a bet on whether that kick will be returned or just result in a touchback.

The kickoff doesn’t need to be returned for a touchdown or for any special distance. As long as there’s a kickoff return attempt at all, the return bet cashes.

If there’s no return and the ball is simply spotted as a touchback, then the touchback bet cashes for Super Bowl opening kickoff odds bets.

More than two players to attempt a pass

It’s a near certainty that at least two players — both starting quarterbacks — will attempt at least one pass.

But will they be the only ones? Bettors will have a chance to bet it with odds on the number of players to attempt a Super Bowl pass.

This option appeals to some bettors because there are a couple of ways for it to hit.

A blowout or injury could result in a backup quarterback taking the field and attempting passes. There’s also the chance for fake punts or field goals, plus other trick plays that teams may have waiting for the big game.


A fairly recent addition to the NFL lexicon, the “octopus” is when the same player scores a touchdown and the ensuing two-point conversion.

That adds up to eight points all scored by one player, hence the term octopus. It’s a rare feat in the NFL, but last year’s big game did see Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts notch an octopus.

Books surely noticed and may put more options out there for Super Bowl octopus odds bets.


The term “Scorigami” refers to any final score that has never happened before in NFL history.

With multiple ways to score in a football game, there are numerous possible final score combinations. Each season typically features at least one game that ends with a final score never before seen in NFL history. Will this year’s Super Bowl be one of those games?

This Super Bowl scorigami odds prop bet allows bettors to wager on just that.