Super Bowl 57: What Is an Octopus Bet? 

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Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni

The Super Bowl 57 betting menu is filled with options. You can try to tackle the spread, wager on the Super Bowl MVP, put together a same-game parlay, and much more. There are also some options that you simply won’t see all of the time. 

One of those options is a bet on whether there will be an octopus at the Super Bowl. So what exactly is this wager all about? Read on for a complete look at the Super Bowl 57 octopus bet at legal online sportsbooks.  

Super Bowl 57 octopus betting odds

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What is an octopus bet? 

The term “octopus” became a part of the football lexicon in 2019. Coined by Mitch Goldich of Sports Illustrated, it refers to the same player scoring a touchdown and then following up with a successful two-point conversion. 

Turning that trick adds eight points to the board. An octopus has eight limbs, hence the turn of phrase. The octopus bet is not part of the typical NFL wagering menu, but you’ll find it among the hundreds of props available for the Super Bowl.   

Chiefs two-point conversion attempts 2022-23

During the regular season, the Chiefs attempted a two-point conversion five times and were successful on three. The club has not attempted one through two postseason games. Here’s a look back at the successful attempts. 

Mahomes successfully pulled off an octopus in the team’s 20-17 overtime win over the Titans in Week 9. Kelce and McKinnon were on the receiving end of the other two successful attempts, both passes from Mahomes. 

Eagles two-point conversion attempts 2022-23

The Eagles went for two a total of four times during the season, completing two of the attempts successfully. Here’s what happened on the successful tries. 

Hurts got the octopus during the win over the Bears in Week 15, and he was responsible for the club’s other successful attempt. The Eagles have lined up for conversion attempts in both postseason games to date, but ultimately changed course to go for the extra point.  

Super Bowl octopus history

Through all 56 Super Bowl games to date, there has never been an octopus recorded. In fact, the play is a rarity in general. The NFL implemented the two-point conversion as an option in 1994, and there have been thousands of games since that point. Over that span, an octopus has occurred 175 times.  

The Rams went for two at last year’s big game following an 11-yard TD pass from Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp, but it came up short. The last successful conversion on the grand stage was at Super Bowl LI by the Patriots. New England’s James White and Danny Amendola both made it happen in a comeback win over the Falcons.