Ohio Sports Betting Application Window Opens Today

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Ohio sports betting

While the lengthy process of launching Ohio sports betting is far from over, the market took an important step forward Wednesday.

The Casino Control Commission is scheduled to approve rules concerning provisional licensing at its Wednesday morning meeting. That approval will allow the regulator to start accepting applications for most of the Ohio sports betting industry.

The first application window closes July 15 while the second window ends August 15. The regulator is using all the time it can to go live with launch scheduled for Jan. 1, 2023, the latest date allowed by the sports betting legislation.

Who is up first for Ohio sports betting licensing?

The first round of applications in Ohio will be quite telling about how the market will look at launch.

Starting today, anyone that wishes to offer retail, mobile or lottery sports betting can submit their applications.

Management service providers for both retail and first-designated mobile license, as well as suppliers, can also start applying.

Second window could show interest in Ohio

The second window that runs from July 15 through August 15 will show just how many operators want a crack at Ohio.

This is the window when mobile operators that are offered a second license by a casino or sports team will apply. These licenses are technically not guaranteed and must show they will provide an incremental economic impact for the state.

Any lottery retailers that wish to offer OH sports betting can also apply during this time.

Follow along with Ohio sports betting applications

Tthe industry will not be kept totally in the dark on who is applying for inclusion in Ohio.

The Casino Control Commission will launch a new licensing website that will update “on a regular basis” with who has applied. That language changed from “on a rolling basis” when it was first announced June 1.

That will be followed by a searchable public registry of all applicants once the state updates its eLicense system to include sports betting in August.

When will ad blitz start?

Ohioans can count on a surge of sports betting ads this year before the first legal bet is taken.

Sportsbooks in Ohio can start signing players up before the Jan. 1 launch. That means while legal NFL betting is out for most of the 2022 season, ad breaks during those games will likely include a variety of offers for future players to consider.