The Week In Sports Betting News: Operator Conference Calls On Deck

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Happy Monday, everyone. This is an important week for sports betting news as multiple big operators will report third-quarter results.

As for last week’s news, the LSR Podcast is the perfect place to start for updates on New York sportsbooks, the minimum hold requirement in Tennessee and more.

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Top sports betting news: Big operators reporting this week

There are multiple conference calls this week that cannot be missed for anyone interested in US sports betting (all times Eastern:)

Maryland meeting could provide timeline update

Maryland‘s Sports Wagering Application Review Commission will meet at 10 am Thursday. On the agenda is the second set of approvals for five retail casino sportsbooks.

Hopefully there will be some clarification on what kind of timeline mobile MD sportsbooks will face before launching. One source told LSR the process is “a mess” that could delay launch until the 2022 NFL season.

Retail sportsbooks are expected to open this year.

Top sports betting news last week: Seminole land pari-mutuel partners

Sports betting in Florida might be held up by lawsuits but the Seminole Indians are still working hard behind the scenes.

The tribe announced five pari-mutuel partners that will market its mobile Hard Rock Sportsbook.

The pari-mutuels will get 60% of the profits from customers they bring onto the app.

Colorado, Nevada latest to announce record report

Nevada sportsbooks are alive and well despite the US expansion with a record $786.5 million in bets for September.

Colorado sportsbooks, meanwhile, reported $408.3 million in September handle, which was nearly double its handle for September 2020.

That growth in Colorado did not come cheaply, though. While operators reported $22.7 million in sports betting revenue, they deducted nearly $21 million in promotional spending.

Seventeen of the jurisdictions operating sports betting last September have reported with Illinois sportsbooks the only holdout. The majority of states reported handle growth of more than 30%:

StateSept. 2021 handleSept. 2020 handleDifferenceSept. 2021 revenueSept. 2020 revenueDifference
New York$17,355,782$10,092,60472.0%$3,187,045$1,403,543127.1%
New Hampshire$68,123,241$41,373,62064.7%$3,767,115$2,290,36464.5%
New Jersey$1,011,114,311$748,588,34935.1%$82,440,420$45,083,17882.9%
Washington DC$20,706,483$15,455,16034.0%$3,883,674$1,804,299115.2%
Rhode Island$41,203,997$31,293,15031.7%$4,012,295$2,352,78870.5%
West Virginia$60,072,261$76,951,429-21.9%$7,141,066$4,603,81155.1%

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