What NFL Super Bowl 58 Betting Markets Are Now Available?

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Super Bowl 58 odds for special markets, including winning conference, division, state, and more

Following last week’s NFL draft, the focus is now on the upcoming release of next season’s schedule. Before too long, we’ll be able to check out the lines for Week 1 games. In the interim, the futures market for Super Bowl 58 is open for business. 

There are clear favorites at the top of the odds board and several intriguing teams a bit further down the list. Beyond trying to predict which team will win it all, there are also several Super Bowl special bets available at legal online sportsbooks

Winning specials for Super Bowl 58

A winning special bet for the big game provides the chance to drill down even further into the chase for the next Lombardi Trophy. In addition to betting on a team to win, you can also spread out your wagers for even more rooting interest as the season plays out. Let’s take a look.

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Winning conference for Super Bowl 58

The Chiefs’ come-from-behind victory over the Eagles at last year’s Super Bowl snapped a two-game winning streak for the NFC. The AFC has a 3-2 lead over the last five years and a 6-4 advantage for the past decade. Here are the current odds for the winning side at Super Bowl 58. 

Betting odds suggest that the AFC is the favorite to have one of its teams make it two in a row. For the latest futures odds on the winner of Super Bowl 58, three of the top five favorites — Chiefs, Bills and Bengals — are on that side of the bracket, with the Eagles and 49ers as the top favorites in the NFC. 

Winning division for Super Bowl 58

As we look ahead to the upcoming season, a couple of the NFL division races appear to be competitive, while others have clear favorites to claim the crown. If we take a look at which division may produce this year’s Super Bowl winner, the betting odds point to some clear separation among the choices. 

DivisionCurrent odds
AFC West+350
AFC East+380
NFC East+400
AFC North+500
NFC West+550
NFC North+900
NFC South+1400
AFC South+1600

The top five divisions in the betting odds are all home to one of the current Super Bowl favorites. Digging deeper, there are dark horse contenders in each of those divisions, as well, such as the Chargers in the AFC West, Jets in the AFC East and Cowboys in the NFC East. 

Winning state for Super Bowl 58

Seven states are home to multiple NFL franchises, which somewhat increases the chances that the winning squad will come from one of those locales. However, none of those states is the current favorite to produce the Super Bowl 58 winner. 

StateCurrent odds
Any other state+350
New Jersey/New York+380

In the “any other state” group, the Chiefs lead the way as the current overall favorite to win it all. The next club on the list for that category is the Lions , while the next four states in betting odds are all home to one of the top favorites. A little further down the list, the Jaguars and Dolphins could make a case for Florida, but sportsbooks are not expecting much out of the Buccaneers .

Current favorites to win Super Bowl 58

In futures odds on the winner of Super Bowl 58, there’s a clear favorite at the top of the list, followed by four other clubs that have separated themselves from the pack. 

The Chiefs are the defending champions and have made it to three of the last five Super Bowls, going 3-2. The Eagles came up just short in last year’s big game and appear to be loaded up to make another run. The 49ers and Bengals fell in the conference championship games, while the Bills have been a regular Super Bowl favorite for several years running. 

Behind the big five, just two other clubs currently have odds of less than +2000 to win it all: the Jets and Cowboys . A complete breakdown of the odds on the winner of next season’s big game is available on our dedicated Super Bowl page.