Current Anthony Richardson Odds For The 2023 NFL Draft

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The 2023 NFL draft gets underway with the first round on Thursday night in Kansas City. After months of speculation, we’ll soon know which of the top QBs will be the first pick, as well as which members of the group will be waiting around to hear their names called. 

Bryce Young was the first overall pick. There has been significant movement behind him on the NFL draft odds board among the other top QBs, including the lines for Anthony Richardson.  

Anthony Richardson 2023 NFL draft odds for overall pick

Fourth pick: +550 / Fifth pick: +600 / Sixth pick: +1200 / Seventh pick: +800

From the close of the college season into the opening stages of the draft process, Anthony Richardson steadily climbed the odds board. At one point, there were even some rumblings that he could be in the mix to be the first overall selection. 

As the opening round approaches, Richardson is in fourth place on the odds board to go first behind a trio of other QBs: Bryce Young, Will Levis and CJ Stroud. Based on the current odds and ongoing speculation, there’s potential for all four to be among the top 10 picks. 

Richardson is a 6’4”, 232-pound junior out of Florida. He didn’t put up prolific stats during his final college season, throwing for 2,549 yards and 17 TDs. However, his size, potential and measurables at the combine have helped him rocket up the draft board. 

The first pick in the draft belongs to the Carolina Panthers following a trade with the Bears. Carolina is likely to select a QB. Young remains the betting favorite to go first overall, while Richardson, Levis and Stroud all have a chance to be off the board early on night one.  

Pick odds for Anthony Richardson at the 2023 NFL draft 

While Richardson appears to be behind in the race to be the first overall pick, there are several other betting options available. Here are his latest odds from DraftKings in several key areas. 

In the odds for a specific spot in the top 10, the number remains elevated for the second pick but then declines steadily for slots three through five before spiking back up. The lines then decrease slightly again at seventh prior to rising once again 

Based on the odds, Richardson is a potential top five selection and could be off the board during the first 10 picks. As for where he’ll be selected among QBs, the odds suggest that it’s unlikely he’ll be one of the first two, but he has a shot at being the third. 

Other odds available for Anthony Richardson 

In addition to trying to handicap exactly where Richardson will land, there are NFL draft odds betting specials at DraftKings. Several are tied to the possibilities for the young QB in round one.   

2023 NFL draft order for the top 10 picks

As mentioned, there is a chance for Richardson to be among the top 10 picks in round one, at least according to the betting odds. Here’s the current order for the top of the first round. 

  1. Carolina Panthers
  2. Houston Texans
  3. Arizona Cardinals
  4. Indianapolis Colts
  5. Seattle Seahawks
  6. Detroit Lions 
  7. Las Vegas Raiders
  8. Atlanta Falcons
  9. Chicago Bears
  10. Philadelphia Eagles

Of the above teams, the Panthers and Colts appear likely to go for a QB with their lofty picks. The Cardinals, Seahawks, Lions, Raiders, Bears and Eagles are all tied in with hefty contracts for their current starters. 

From that group, the Eagles appear to be completely out on a QB due to their recent massive extension for Jalen Hurts. For the other five teams, it seems unlikely that they’ll be going for a QB, but there’s also no way to know for certain what’s happening behind the scenes. 

In the second slot, the Texans have plenty of work to do, so drafting a potential franchise QB is certainly possible. At number eight, the Falcons drafted Desmond Ridder in the third round last year, but that doesn’t fully rule out the team heading in another direction. 

There’s always the possibility of trades that could shake up the order. Teams that have multiple first-round picks — the Texans, Seahawks, Lions and Eagles — have the capital to make some moves, while QB-needy teams outside of the top 10 could look to move up.   

Betting favorites for first pick in 2023 NFL draft

As night one of the 2023 NFL draft approaches, the betting favorite to go first overall has been holding strong, but the numbers continue to shift for the players right behind him. 

At DraftKings, these are the only four players with odds of less than +10000 to go first overall. Barring any major surprises, it’s looking like an interesting night is on the way for the four young signal callers.