Best Jalen Hurts Prop Bet Odds For Super Bowl 57

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NFL Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts

No matter who wins this year’s Super Bowl, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is almost guaranteed to be a major focus for both sides — as well as for sports bettors. With that in mind, sportsbooks have a variety of ways for you to bet on Hurts’ performance in the big game.

Below, we’ll take a look at the various Jalen Hurts props and some of the top odds and categories for the Philadelphia quarterback who’s taking on a hungry Kansas City Chiefs defense in Super Bowl 57.

Jalen Hurts Super Bowl player props

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How to bet on Jalen Hurts player props

There will be multiple bets for almost every prominent player on both Super Bowl teams, covering nearly every conceivable aspect of their performance in the game. This is especially true of important offensive players — quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, etc. — whose stats are easy to track and wager on. Here are some of the most relevant categories for Hurts:

Hurts passing yards

Hurts averaged 246.7 passing yards per game during the regular season, but his numbers were considerably lower in his two recent playoff games. Then again, those games were both essentially over by halftime, and the Eagles’ offense shifted into a more conservative mode.

Hurts passing touchdowns

Hurts didn’t throw for a single touchdown in the NFC championship game, but he also didn’t really need to. In the regular season, he had five games without at least one touchdown through the air. He had eight games with two or more.

Hurts rushing yards

Hurts didn’t go over 40 rushing yards in either of his two playoff games. He also had to sit out a couple of late-season games with a shoulder injury, though those concerns could be less of a factor now with the Super Bowl on the line and nothing to play for until next season. During the regular season, he cracked 50 yards or more in seven of 15 games.

Hurts anytime touchdown scorer

It’s important to note that this category only counts for the player who carries or catches the ball for a TD — not a quarterback who throws a scoring pass. However, Hurts scored 13 rushing touchdowns during the regular season and one in each playoff game. He frequently tucks it and runs in the red zone, and he had three regular-season games with two or more rushing touchdowns.

Hurts longest rush

Hurts typically gets credited with at least seven rushing attempts per game, and in the regular season he averaged 4.6 yards per carry. It’s not at all uncommon to see at least one of those go for over 10 yards, and in 11 of 15 games during the regular season, his longest run was 12 yards or more.

Hurts passing and rushing yards

Hurts has yet to go over 200 combined yards this postseason, but he broke 300 yards seven times in the regular season.

Hurts to win Super Bowl MVP

Quarterbacks have won the award for Super Bowl MVP more than players at any other position. Just over half the time, this honor goes to the winning quarterback. With Hurts’ ability to make plays as a runner and a passer, his chances might even be better than most — if the Eagles win.

All Super Bowl 57 player props

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