Indiana Sports Betting Continues To Climb In November

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Indiana sports betting

Indiana sports betting continues to see record handle as football season wears on.

While November did not benefit from five Sundays like October, Indiana sportsbooks still took a record-breaking $463.7 million in bets, according to a state report released last week. October’s $461.1 million was the previous monthly record.

NFL bettingcontinued to lead the way with $136.3 million, or 29.4% of the monthly handle. Hoosiers do love basketball, however, and the sport was not far behind with $132.1 million of the handle, or 28.5%.

Indiana sports betting revenue jumps

Along with the handle record, Indiana shattered its sports betting revenue record as well. During the month, Indiana sportsbooks brought in $47.7 million in gross revenue, good for a robust 10.3% hold.

The previous record was $33.9 million in September 2021. In October, sportsbooks generated $27.7 million in revenue.

In November, Indiana collected $4.5 million in taxes. The previous high was $3.2 million in September.

Retail IN sportsbooks stay warm

Indiana bettors wagered $422.9 million online in November, or 91.2% of the overall handle. The rest of the handle, $40.8 million, was bet at retail sportsbooks.

Hollywood Lawrenceburg took more than $12.7 million in bets, which likely places it in the top echelon of all retail sportsbooks in the US.

Ameristar East Chicago was second, with $6.3 million in bets. The only other casino bringing in more than $5 million in retail bets was Indiana Grand, with $5.1 million in handle.

DraftKings stays atop online sportsbooks

DraftKings Sportsbook led the way in the Indiana online market with $166.2 million in handle, or 39.3% of the online market. FanDuel Sportsbook controlled 26.0%, or $109.8 million.

BetMGM Sportsbook and Caesars Sportsbook are duking it out for third place, with $46.3 million and $43.9 million, respectively.

Barstool Sportsbook, BetRivers and PointsBet round out the sportsbooks with more than $10 million in handle.

Sportsbook OperatorOnline HandleRevenueHoldOnline Market Share
DraftKings$166.2 million$12.6 million7.6%39.3%
FanDuel$109.8 million$15.6 million14.2%26.0%
BetMGM$46.3 million$4.5 million9.7%10.9%
Caesars$43.8 million$3.0 million6.8%10.4%
Barstool$17.2 million$962,7015.6%4.1%
BetRivers$13.6 million$1.0 million7.4%3.2%
PointsBet$12.4 million$962,7017.7%2.9%
UniBet$4.3 million$325,2677.5%1.0%
WynnBet$3.9 million$281,6207.2%1.0%
theScore$2.2 million$281,64112.8%<1%
Betway$1.5 million(-$32,990)<1%
TwinSpires$1.3 million$197,33015.1%<1%

Moving forward in Indiana sports betting

While NFL betting continues to lead the way in the Hoosier State, Indiana does seem to benefit from a bit better balance with basketball than some other states.

This year, Indiana college basketball could be a boon, with Purdue ranked No. 1 last week.

Additionally, Bally Bet was recently approved as a new operator. It will be the 13th online sportsbook live in Indiana.