Nearly All AZ Sportsbook Licenses Announced But Will Launch Be Delayed?

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AZ sports betting

The Arizona Department of Gaming announced 18 of the 20 available licenses for AZ sportsbooks despite a potentially delayed launch.

The regulator announced 10 tribal licensees and eight professional sports licensees.

Sports betting in Arizona is scheduled to launch Sept. 9, the same night the NFL season begins.

That might not be the case if either of the two lawsuits filed against the ADG lead to a temporary injunction, of course. An ADG spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuits when contacted by LSR.

What AZ sportsbooks will launch?

While the ADG announced 18 license winners, only 15 AZ sportsbooks partners are known:

Whatever sportsbooks are ready can begin signing up bettors on Saturday. That is the same day DFS contests launch in the state.

Some brands still unknown

Four license winners did not announce sportsbook partners by Friday:

Notables missing from AZ sportsbooks announced

Three known partnerships did not make the cut: