The Week In Sports Betting News: Will MA Senate Take Action?

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Happy Monday, folks. It is the middle of summer yet there’s no shortage of sports betting news, with last week one of the busiest at LSR this year.

There are still some huge stories in the works that will shape important US sports betting markets for years to come, which the team broke down on the latest LSR Podcast.

This week will not be much different with plenty of important happenings on the schedule. Make sure to follow @LSPReport on Twitter to keep up with all of the most important stories.

Top upcoming sports betting news: Ball in MA Senate’s court

The Massachusetts House once again passed sports betting out of the chamber last week, leaving the next steps to the Senate.

The House came together for a 156-3 vote, the same tally by which the House passed an economic development bill last year that would have legalized MA sports betting. The amended H 3977 was republished as H 3993 to incorporate the changes.

It is now on the shoulders of the Senate, which is using S 269 from Sen. Eric Lesser as its vehicle. Lesser’s bill has not changed since it was introduced in March, though, and has some inconsistencies with the House’s proposal. No hearing for S 269 has been announced yet.

Should the Senate pass S 269 as amended, a conference committee will be required to find a compromise.

Two important calls from Oz on tap

There are two sports betting conference calls worth keeping an eye on this week:

Nevada sports betting numbers incoming

Nevada‘s gaming results for June will be released this week. Handle rose 4.9% in May from April.

Virginia could also report its June results this week. Handle was preliminarily announced at $234.9 million at a Virginia Lottery meeting last week.

That same meeting also included data that showed FanDuel Sportsbook remains the favorite out of the seven online Virginia sportsbooks with 49.5% of all handle since launch.

Last week’s top sports betting news

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