Jake Paul Vs. Mike Tyson Odds: Current Odds For Pro Boxing Bout

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Jake Paul Vs. Mike Tyson Odds: Paul Opens As Slight Favorite For Pro Boxing Bout

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson has been sanctioned as a professional boxing match with a modified rule set, and top online sportsbooks have released betting odds on the fight. Paul opened as the favorite at -180, though those odds shifted to -170 as early action came in on Tyson. The former heavyweight champ remains the underdog, however, with his odds now at +130.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the Paul vs. Tyson fight scheduled for July 20 on Netflix. You can also check out more boxing odds for upcoming fights this spring and summer.

Paul vs. Tyson odds

Jake Paul (-170) vs. Mike Tyson (+130)

July 20, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

Paul (9-1, 6 KOs) has made a career out of picking on past-their-prime fighters, and he seems to be trying to do the same thing here. After starting out as just another YouTuber and social media influencer looking for a quick boxing payday, Paul seems to be the rare exception who’s actually committed to learning the craft of the sweet science. His background as well as his antics as a brash self-promoter sometimes lead people to underestimate him, but he has become a very competent fighter in the last few years. That said, most of his experience has come south of heavyweight, and mostly against MMA fighters turned boxers or low-level boxers.

Tyson (56-6, 44 KOs) is revered for his days as the premier heavyweight knockout artist of the ’80s and ’90s. By the time this fight happens, however, he will be 58, with his last professional boxing victory coming over 20 years ago. Tyson has boxed in exhibitions as recently as 2020, when he took on Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round draw. He looks to be in excellent shape for a man pushing 60, and he certainly has the edge in experience. The odds on him could shift as Tyson fans see a chance to get underdog odds on a boxing legend against a largely untested former Disney star, but age and the ravages of time likely explain oddsmakers’ thinking on this fight.

What are the rules for Paul vs. Tyson?

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is the athletic commission overseeing this fight, and it has approved it as a pro bout with a few specific waivers:

This is a significant departure from the typical pro boxing match. Pro bouts almost always have three-minute rounds. In the heavier weight classes, gloves are typically 10 ounces. The shorter rounds and larger gloves here would seem to be a special dispensation, possibly out of concern for the vast disparity in age and boxing experience.

How to watch Paul vs. Tyson