40 Ways To Bet On The 2023 Stanley Cup Finals

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2023 Stanley Cup finals odds: Top 40 ways to bet on series props and player props

With the Vegas Golden Knights () and Florida Panthers () set to meet in the 2023 Stanley Cup finals beginning with Game 1 on Saturday, online sportsbooks are offering multiple ways to bet on each game as well as the entire series.

From player props to series props, there’s a lot to choose from as the NHL crowns this season’s champion. Below, we’ll look at some of the best options for Stanley Cup finals odds.

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Best Stanley Cup finals odds

In addition to betting on the eventual winner of the Stanley Cup, there are multiple ways to bet on each game. This includes the players involved and the outcome of the series. Here are a few of the options at the best sportsbooks.

Stanley Cup series props

Here are a few of the more popular prop bets on the Stanley Cup finals as a whole, with odds from DraftKings Sportsbook:

Series correct score

This type of wager allows you to bet on how many games of the series each team will win. The Stanley Cup finals are a best-of-seven series, so the first team to win four games wins the Cup. With this bet, you can wager on what the final tally will be, whether it’s a 4-0 sweep for one team or a series that goes all the way to Game 7.

Total games

This allows you to bet on how many games it will take to decide the Stanley Cup, but without specifying which team will win. Each finals series last somewhere between four and seven games, which keeps the options here limited while also offering plus-money odds on each choice before the series begins.

Exact series outcome

This bet offers long odds for relatively large payouts if you can correctly predict which team will win which games in the series. It requires you to pick in advance how the entire series will shake out. There are many possible combinations (see DraftKings Sportsbook for the full list of options).

Total goals

This is a straightforward over/under bet on the total number of goals that both teams combined will score over the course of the Stanley Cup finals.

Over 33.5 (-105)

Under 33.5 (-125)

Game X/series double

This bet allows you to combine bets on two outcomes in the series, such as one team winning a specific game and one team winning the series. These do not necessarily have to be different teams, though you do need to correctly predict both parts of the bet for it to cash.

Vegas to win Game 1 and win the series (+155)

Florida to win Game 1 and win the series (+225)

Vegas to win Game 1 and Florida to win the series (+400)

Florida to win Game 1 and Vegas to win the series (+450)

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Stanley Cup player props

In addition to series props like the above, sportsbooks also offer props on individual players throughout the series. Here are a few of the popular options for player props:

Most goals

This is a simple bet on which player will be the leading goalscorer in the Stanley Cup finals. For Florida, Matthew Tkachuk is the current top scorer in this postseason heading into the finals. For Vegas, William Karlsson has led the team in 2023 playoff goals.

Most points

This is a bet on who will have the most points (goals plus assists, with each counting for one point) in the Stanley Cup finals. The current leader in points for Vegas is Jack Eichel, while Matthew Tkachuk leads Florida in this category.

Most assists

A wager on which player will tally the most assists during the Stanley Cup finals. So far in the playoffs, Jack Eichel leads Vegas in assists, while Matthew Tkachuk leads Florida.

Player specials

These are bets on specific players to hit certain offensive benchmarks at some point in the series. They don’t apply to the entire series, but rather to any one game within the series.

How to bet on the Stanley Cup finals

As you can see, there are many ways to wager on the Stanley Cup finals, from picking the eventual victor to picking the winners of individual games and much more. Take a look at the options above. If you see a bet you like, click the odds for that bet to head to the sportsbook offering it to place your wager. 

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Best Stanley Cup finals betting sites

There are multiple online sportsbooks to choose from in most states where online sports betting is legal. Many will offer welcome bonuses to new users, and you can read up on the various sportsbooks and their promotional offers here. That way, you can check out the available deals before you sign up to place your Stanley Cup bets.