Best NHL Odds: Moneylines, Puck Lines, Totals, Props, Futures And More

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Find the latest and best NHL odds below. From the opening faceoff of the regular season through the last minute of the Stanley Cup finals, there are games to bet on, as well as an extensive menu of props. You can also take a long-term view and wager on NHL futures, including odds to win the Stanley Cup and more at top NHL betting sites.

NHL odds and betting lines

The table below has the latest NHL odds. Use the drop-down arrows to change the category of wager or the legal state. Then type in what you’re looking for in the search bar for a quick answer. If you see a bet you like, click the odds to be directed to the sportsbook where you can place that wager. 

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Explanation of NHL betting odds

If you’re looking to bet on an NHL game, options include wagering on which team will win, factoring in the margin of victory with the puck line and attempting to forecast the total goals. Here’s a look at how the top NHL bets work:   

Moneyline odds

For NHL betting, perhaps the most straightforward option is the moneyline bet. You have to pick the winner of the game from the two available choices. Sportsbooks will set the line for each contest: negative odds indicate the favorite, and positive odds indicate the underdog. The range between the odds indicates the perceived closeness of the matchup. 

Sample moneyline odds:

Puck line odds

The puck line refers to the hockey version of a spread bet. Unlike other sports in which the point spread can vary widely, the puck line uses a standard 1.5. You can choose the favorite minus 1.5, which means that team has to win by two or more for your bet to win, or you can back the underdog at plus 1.5, which means your bet wins if the underdog wins the game or loses by a single goal.

Sample puck line odds:

Over/under odds

This is a wager on the total combined score of a game based on a line that the sportsbook sets. If you choose the over, your bet wins if there are more total goals than the sportsbook’s line. If there are fewer goals, then bets on the under would win. For NHL betting, totals tend to fall into a tight range of 5.0 at the low end and 7.0 on the high end. 

Sample over/under odds:

NHL player props

NHL team and player props betting is a popular alternative to the traditional puck lines and totals. These options provide bets focused on team outcomes and player production. For example, bettors can select a player to get a certain number of points, score a goal, get multiple goals or get over or under a set number of shots on goal. The following table provides a list of game-specific and season-long prop bets.

Other hockey futures

Beyond betting on which team will win it all this season, there are a number of other NHL futures to check out:

Popular NHL bets

Here’s a rundown of the top NHL betting options that you’re likely to come across at online sportsbooks and how they work:   


What does +1.5 mean in NHL betting? 

That number is part of the puck line. The puck line is hockey’s version of a point spread bet, and the side with the +1.5 is the underdog. Puck line bets on that team will win if the team loses by a single goal or wins by any score. The favorite will appear with a -1.5, which means that it must win by two goals or more for puck line bets on that side to win.

What is the best way to bet on the NHL? 

The best way to bet on the NHL or any other sport is what aligns with your preferences in terms of overall understanding and comfort level. When starting out, pick out a favorite bet or two — such as the moneyline, props or futures — and try to learn all of the ins and outs. You can always expand into other ways of wagering as time permits.  

Which sportsbook has the best NHL odds? 

There is no one sportsbook that will always have the best NHL odds. Take the time to shop around and compare the numbers at multiple books before placing your bets. Our customizable live odds feed can help you out when it comes to line shopping.