Colorado Becomes Fifth State To Enact Fantasy Sports Law In 2016

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CO governor signs DFS bill

[toc]Colorado became the fifth state to regulate the daily fantasy sports industry, as Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill on Friday.

Hickenlooper signs

Hickenlooper publicly enacted the fantasy sports regulation law — H 1404:

That comes a month and a day after the legislature passed a bill, back on May 9.

FanDuel offered this statement commending the law’s passage.

What’s in Colorado’s DFS bill

Basic provisions of the bill include:

The law would appear to allow all current DFS and season-long operators to serve the state, barring an unusually high fee being set for licensure.

Colorado is No. 5

Colorado joined four other states that have turned DFS bills into law:

Missouri’s governor signed a bill into law later in the day.

Other states with DFS action

While the legislatures in a lot of states have adjourned for the summer or through the November elections, several Eastern states are still taking a hard look at DFS regulation:

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