How To Build A Super Bowl Same-Game Parlay

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It’s tough to ask for a better matchup for Super Bowl 57. The Kansas City Chiefs have lived up to preseason expectations as one of the favorites to make it to the big game, while the Philadelphia Eagles have been dominant through a pair of postseason games. 

The Super Bowl spread is tight, but there’s much more for bettors besides which side will win or by how much. NFL same-game parlays provide an option to place multi-leg wagers on the game for a chance at even greater potential returns. Here’s what you need to know.  

What is a same-game parlay? 

A same-game parlay (SGP) is a multi-leg bet for which all of the selections are from the same contest. It works the same as a standard parlay that ties together multiple bets from multiple games. The difference comes from where the selections come from. In both cases, you have to be right about all of your choices to win. If just one leg is incorrect, the entire bet loses. 

How to place a Super Bowl SGP bet

Placing a Super Bowl SGP is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Choose where you want to play. Several legal online sportsbooks offer SGPs, and signing up for an account is a fairly quick process. We’ll cover some of the best options down below.  
  2. Find the wagers that you want to include. You can choose from standard bets like the moneyline, spread and total, as well as select props. 
  3. Begin adding your selections to the slip. You can use the dedicated “SGP” button at several sportsbooks or simply click on the odds that correspond with your picks. 
  4. Decide on the amount you want to wager. You’ll need funds to play with. Legal online sportsbooks have several options for moving money in and out of your account. 
  5. Verify that everything is correct. After you make your picks and have added how much you want to bet, it’s good practice to check and verify that everything is correct. 
  6. Place the bet. The potential return will appear right on the betting slip. Once placed, you can track the wager in the “open bet” section of your account. 

What can you include for a Super Bowl SGP?

The exact options will vary by sportsbook. As a general rule, you can choose from the following when building your Super Bowl SGPs:

If you happen to land on a combination that isn’t legal under the sportsbook’s rules, you’ll see a notification and a prompt to adjust the wager before placing it.  

Super Bowl 57 odds

Super Bowl 57 player props

The table below has the latest player prop odds for Super Bowl 57. You can use the drop-down arrows to change the wager and legal state. If you see a bet that you like, click on the odds to be directed to the sportsbook to place it. 

Super Bowl SGP odds and payouts 

Odds and payouts for Super Bowl SGP bets will depend upon the number of legs that you include, the odds for each selection, and your wager amount. For example, let’s consider this simple three-leg, $20 SGP at DraftKings Sportsbook

For this bet, we’ve chosen the Eagles to win the game outright, the total to go under 50.5 points, and for Hurts to score a TD during the game. If all three things happen, our payout at odds of +550 would be $130: the amount of our initial stake plus a $110 return. 

Super Bowl same-game parlay strategy

There are no guarantees when it comes to betting on sports. By extension, you should always bet with your head and never over it. To improve your chances with SGP betting, start by considering the following tips

Which sportsbooks offer Super Bowl SGPs? 

Same-game parlays are popular, and they’re available at a number of legal online sportsbooks. Here are a few of the top options: