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Tennessee Sports Betting

Tennessee is one of a number of states that will have legal sports betting in 2020 after its state legislature law passed a law legalizing it in spring 2019.

Soon, people who are physically in the Volunteer State will be able to wager while anywhere within the state’s borders on TN sports betting apps. You will be able to wager on your smartphone or other Internet-connected devices.

Here is more of what you need to know about sports betting in Tennessee:

TN sports betting basics

Sports betting will soon be active in Tennessee in 2020. The law will allow for betting online and on mobile apps. It appears there will be no physical sportsbook locations, as the law is designed to regulate the online sports betting market.

The Tennessee state legislature approved a sports betting bill April 30. Governor Bill Lee hinted that he would allow it to become law without his signature and that is exactly what happened. That triggered the countdown for legal sports wagering in the state.

Tennessee sports betting launch date

There is no firm date for the launch of sports betting in Tennessee. Late 2019 originally was a possibility, as was the Super Bowl. Both of those potential dates came and went without any new sportsbooks in Tennessee being allowed to open.

It now appears the middle of 2020 is a more likely target for TN sports wagering. Any state joining the US legal sports betting market will aim to launch its industry prior to NFL and college football season. Those two sports attract the most betting handle throughout the United States.

Tennessee will become one of the few Southern states with legal sports betting when it launches. Only Mississippi and Arkansas have active legal sportsbooks, although neither state allows online sports betting.

Latest TN sports betting news

TN sportsbook apps

The only way to bet on sports in Tennessee will be via mobile apps and online wagering.

Anyone can apply to operate a TN sportsbook but will need to be approved by state regulators. Most major operators expect to open sportsbooks in Tennessee despite one of the higher tax rates in the nation at 20%.

There are no guarantees on who will offer a sportsbook in the state, but a number of the operators we’ve seen go live elsewhere in the US are good candidates, such as:

What’s in the Tennessee sports betting law?

The TN sports betting law created the lone online-only model in the United States to date. That means wagering will take place exclusively via the Internet.

Here are some of the other details of the Tennessee sports betting law:

  • Licensees pay $750,000 annually
  • Gross gaming revenue is taxed at a rate of 20%
  • Operators must purchase official league data from professional sports leagues in order to take in-game bets.

Tennessee regulators right now are crafting rules and regulations about how sports wagering in the state will take place. A controversial provision that would create a required 15% hold on all wagers is receiving scrutiny from industry professionals.

Tennessee sports betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee legalized sports betting in 2019, but it’s not yet legal to place wagers in the state. A launch date sometime in 2020 is expected.

TN sports wagering will begin when the state authorizes and vets sportsbooks who apply for licensure. The only restriction is you will not be able to make in-play wagers on collegiate events.

Who oversees TN sports betting?

The Tennessee Lottery will have oversight. State regulators are in the process of creating rules and regulations to govern how sports betting will operate in Tennessee. Proposed legislation in 2020 could shift oversight of sports wagering.

Where can I bet on sports in Tennessee?

Wagering on sports will be legal anywhere within Tennessee’s borders. You do not need to be a resident of the Volunteer State in order to bet in Tennessee.

If you are not located in Tennessee while using an app, you will not be able to place a wager, even if you are a Tennessee resident. Your phone will employ similar geolocation technology to what is used for mapping to determine your ability to bet on sports in Tennessee.

Is mobile sports betting in Tennessee available?

Yes. Online and mobile TN sports betting will be the only delivery channels.

There will be no retail sportsbooks unless someone somehow creates kiosks that fit the parameters of the bill for mobile wagering.

Who can apply for a Tennessee sports betting license?

Anyone who wants to attempt to get a license through state regulators. There is no cap on sports betting licenses in the state.

Who can bet on sports in Tennessee?

The legal sports gambling age in Tennessee is 21 years old. That is the most common legal age for sports betting throughout the United States.

As is the case in other states with legal sportsbooks, athletes, coaches, and employees with professional sports teams are not allowed to bet.

Can I bet on college basketball and college football in Tennessee?

Yes, you will be able to wager on NCAA events offered by sportsbooks in Tennessee. While in-play wagers on college games are prohibited, March Madness and the College Football Playoff both are open to betting, as are regular-season games.

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