Best College Football Odds: Moneylines, Spreads, Totals, Props, Futures And More

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Find the latest college football odds below. From the opening kickoff of the regular season to the College Football Playoff, there are plenty of games to wager on, and an extensive menu of betting options for each one. You can also take a long-term view and wager on college football futures at top online sportsbooks.   

College football odds and betting lines

The table below has the latest college football odds. You can use the drop-down arrows to change the category of wager or the legal state, and also type in what you’re looking for in the search bar. If you see a bet that you’re interested in, just click the odds to be directed to the sportsbook where you can place the wager. 

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Explanation of college football betting odds

If you’re looking to bet on a college football game, top options include wagering on which team will win, the spread and total points. Here’s a look at how the top college football bets work:   

Moneyline odds

When betting on the moneyline, your goal is to pick the winner of the game. There are no points or margins of victory to be concerned with, just straight-up winners and losers. Sportsbooks will provide odds for the two possible choices: negative for the favorite and — in most cases — positive for the underdog. 

Point spread odds

The point spread bet brings more of a strategic element into college football betting. Sportsbooks will provide a line for each game, which essentially serves as a handicap for the favorite or a boost for the underdog. You can wager that either the favorite will win the game by more than the spread number or the underdog will win the game by any score or lose by less than the spread number. 

Over/under odds

Sportsbooks will also set a line for total scoring in each college football game. Bettors can then place an over/under wager on that number. If you expect there to be more scoring than the line suggests, you choose over, while under is the choice if you anticipate that the total points will be less than that amount.  

College football futures

College football futures betting provides the option to wager on season-long outcomes. Odds come out over the offseason, and the markets remain active from there as the numbers shift in response to betting action and other factors. For college football, the top futures bet is wagering on the winner of the next national championship

College football 2023-24 national championship odds

Other college football futures 

Beyond betting on which team will win the next national championship, here are some of the other top college football futures:

Heisman Trophy

Wager on the player who will win college football’s most prestigious individual award. 


Bet on the winners of all of the top conferences, such as the Big Ten and SEC. 

Regular season wins

Place over/under bets on how many regular season wins the top college programs will have. 

Here’s a look at the top college football betting options that you’re likely to come across at online sportsbooks and how they work:   

College football betting FAQ

Which team is the favorite to win the 2023-24 college football championship? 

Georgia is the favorite to win the next college football national championship. Next up in the current odds are Alabama and Ohio State .

Who is the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy? 

USC QB Caleb Williams is the current betting favorite to win the Heisman Trophy.

Where can you find the best college football odds? 

There is no one sportsbook that will always have the best college football odds for a specific game or wager. Shopping around to compare the lines at multiple books is a good habit to get into. Our live odds feed can assist with that. 

Are big favorites always a safe bet in college football? 

Large favorites on the moneyline win often in college football, but there are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to betting on sports. When choosing what to wager on, try to base each bet on its own merits, as well as the potential risk-to-reward ratio.  

Where can you find the best college football predictions?

There are several sites that do a solid job of previewing college football games. However, there is no option that will be accurate with all of its predictions.