Will Shrinking Limits Lead Syndicates To Dive Into Sports Betting Biz?

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One of the world’s most successful sports betting syndicates is dipping its toe into the US sports betting industry.

Starlizard announced recently its subsidiary Lacerta Sports partnered with Metric Gaming to form a North America-focused B2B sportsbook service.  

The new business will provide US sportsbooks with “the world’s most intelligent pricing, risk management and customer analytics,” per a release.

Who is Starlizard?

Starlizard is the renowned soccer betting syndicate founded by UK gambler Tony Bloom.

The London-based syndicate recently founded Lacerta as a standalone entity to focus on B2B opportunities in the industry.

Lacerta will provide the pricing aspect of the new business venture, with Metric providing the technology and platform.

A trend for syndicates?

Starlizard joins a growing number of betting syndicates ‘crossing the floor’ and selling prices to bookmakers. Golf betting syndicate Mustard Systems now provide prices for IMG Arena’s golf feed

Likewise, UK tennis syndicate Jasis Group is now part of Pinnacle’s US-facing B2B odds service 10Star

In part, the trend reflects shrinking betting limits around the globe, with serious bettors forced to look for other ways to monetize their pricing.

Taking on all comers

Steve Edery, founder and CEO of Lacerta Sports said:

“The companies share a vision of how the sports betting market should operate, by combining Metric’s advanced sportsbook platform with our best-in-class pricing and analytical capabilities we believe we can reshape the online sports betting market.”

Edery also suggested the company would let players have a bet. He added on LinkedIn:

“If there is one thing you can be sure about, it is that we have confidence in our pricing. Make a price, take a bet. Game on.”

Edery has been with Starlizard for more than 25 years, per his LinkedIn.

The Metric system

Metric Gaming CEO Keith Hayes added:

“As a Vegas-headquartered company, we are particularly excited at the opportunity this creates for us to better serve the North American market.”

Metric has licenses for US sports betting in:

More on Starlizard

Starlizard is a notoriously secretive company, with staff asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

It is reported to have around 160 staff, based in London.

Bloom has been dubbed “the cleverest man to ever place a bet” by UK press. In 2016, Business Insider reported the syndicate made more than $130 million a year.