Mobile NY Sportsbooks Should Launch By Mid-January, Senator Says

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There has not been much information on mobile NY sportsbooks since operators were selected back in November.

That does not mean there has been little work, though. In fact, Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. said most of the heavy lifting is close to done for mobile New York sports betting to go live.

“I think that we’re still on par for a mid-January start in my estimation,” Addabbo told LSR Tuesday.

Will NY sportsbooks be live for NFL postseason?

Addabbo’s statement, of course, begs a follow-up. Wild Card weekend starts on Jan. 15 – does that mean legal online NFL betting will be available throughout the entirety of the playoffs?

“Most of it,” Addabbo said. “I would think most of it. I don’t know about all, like getting it started before the playoffs, but I certainly think within the early part of the playoffs. That’s my estimation at this point.”

Addabbo requested the New York State Gaming Commission set a unilateral start date for the industry, which everyone seems to be on board for, he said.

“Totally my opinion based on what I’m hearing, based on the expertise of the operators, I would think a lot of them – a majority – can start on the start date,” Addabbo added.

There were nine operators selected in two bids:

Ad blitz already started

There is some concern about what promos might look like for online NY sportsbooks given the onerous 51% tax on sports betting revenue. Customer acquisition is already in full swing, though, Addabbo noted when asked what he was hearing about the appetite for advertising.

“Hearing it? I’m seeing it!” Addabbo said. “I’m seeing commercials during the holidays, ‘Coming soon to New York’ on TV. I’m seeing it already. New York is a global market, the sports capital of the world. I know we have the potential of eclipsing New Jersey even at some point.

“I don’t think at this point the tax rate should be such an issue based on the volume that we will be able to handle but that’s all part and parcel to the evaluation process.”

How to evaluate NY sports betting tax rate

That evaluation process starts with how New York stacks up against competitors for Super Bowl betting. He will also take a look at March Madness betting to see how New York stacks up against not just New Jersey, but Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well.

Then, another key comparison will come around the start of the next NFL season.

“I think we have to keep evaluating it, [the legislature] always standing at the ready to improve it if we have to,” Addabbo said. “This is something that’s ever-evolving with technology today.”