Colorado Sports Betting Thrives With Extra October NFL Sunday

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Colorado sports betting

Colorado sports betting joins a growing number of markets that enjoyed an extra Sunday in October.

Colorado sportsbooks took a record $491.5 million in October bets, according to a Colorado Division of Gaming report. The total surpasses the $408.3 million record set in September.

The record handle is 133.2% higher than October 2020, when Coloradans bet $210.7 million. With NFL betting leading the way, a fifth Sunday during October helped boost the monthly sports betting revenue figures.

Colorado sports betting revenue hits new heights

Along with setting the monthly handle record, Colorado sportsbooks also generated a record $28.6 million in gross gaming revenue, good for a 5.8% hold. In September, the sportsbooks reached $22.7 million, just shy of January 2021‘s $23.1 million record.

As sportsbooks continue to shell out promotions, the net sports betting revenue in Colorado dropped to $9.8 million. That is well above the $1.8 million in September, but still shy of January’s $11.7 million record.

The state collected a record $1.2 million in taxes, just edging out the $1.19 million collected in January. The state’s bettors prefer to bet online, with October right in line with the historic rate of 98%.

Colorado loves football

The extra NFL Sunday in October was certainly kind to many states. Both New Jersey sports betting and Nevada sports betting surpassed $1 billion in handle, and Colorado is no different. Colorado bettors wagered $171.2 million, or 34.8% of the month’s total, on the NFL.

College football betting was third $51.97 million.

NBA betting edged out college football for No. 2, with $63.3 million bet on the sport. Baseball and soccer rounded out the top five with $37.4 million and $15.8 million, respectively.

Top sports in Colorado

SportsHandleGross RevenueHold
Pro Football$171.2 million$6.3 million3.7%
Basketball$63.3 million$2.5 million3.9%
NCAA Football$51.9 million$186,3990.4%
Baseball$37.4 million$3.5 million9.4%
Soccer$15.8 million$581,0503.7%
Tennis$14.1 million$676,7554.8%
Ice Hockey$13.2 million$1.1 million8.3%
Table Tennis$10.3 million$420,9254.1%
MMA$1.7 million$278,00216.3%
Boxing$1.4 million$223,42815.9%
Parlay$89.7 million$12.1 million13.5%
Other$21.4 million$815,0323.8%