Fuhgeddaboudit: Gaming Commission Misses NY Sports Betting Deadline

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The time to prepare the RFA for mobile NY sports betting must have passed in a New York minute for the Gaming Commission.

The New York State Gaming Commission failed to launch the bidding period for online sportsbooks in New York by July 1 as required by law. The commission had nearly two and a half months of lead time, which left many to think the process could begin even before the required date.

Early Thursday, an NYSGC spokesperson told LSR the process was on schedule:

“The Commission will meet the statutory requirement for the MSW RFA.”

But midnight passed with no update, leaving bidders wondering when the process will actually begin and how much it will eat into the prime NFL betting season. Requests for updates from the commission went unanswered since Thursday morning.

NY sports betting bidding delay unexpected

LSR reached out to multiple sportsbooks and contacts to ask about the potential delay. The most common responses included no expectation of a delay. Others mentioned limited to no communication with the NYSGC throughout the waiting period.

Typically with a positive attitude, Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. held onto hope late into Thursday when asked about a delay:

“Until midnight I’ll remain optimistic 😁”

The smiles were gone Friday morning, though:

“Well, the fact that our state couldn’t meet its initial mobile sports betting deadline to take a positive step towards recognizing additional educational and anti-addiction funding is disappointing.

“I remain confident that in the end, New York will have a premier, top-shelf mobile sports betting product to offer its residents and effectively compete in the market.”
Addabbo, a key player in helping pass mobile betting this year, said earlier in the week he was very optimistic about the bidding process after hearing enthusiasm from the betting industry.

When could mobile New York betting launch?

This delay could jeopardize Addabbo’s hopes of using the Super Bowl as a benchmark for the state’s mobile betting industry.

The window was already a bit tight. The bidding process has to be open for 30 days before the commission has 150 days to pick winning bids. Even if the bidding launched on-time, it would be late December before the commission had to select winners.

Winners could be picked earlier, of course. But this delay does not breed a lot of optimism that the commission will work faster than required.