Roll Sports Betting Tide: New Bill Appears In Alabama

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Alabama sports betting

The list of states that have considered or introduced sports betting bills now stands at 37 after an unlikely state — Alabama — joined the party on Tuesday.

A new bill just introduced would legalize sports gambling in the state.

The Alabama sports betting bill, at a glance

Here’s a quick look at what the bill would do:

There is time for a bill to make its way through the legislature, which is scheduled to adjourn in June.

So, where would betting be authorized?

Appetite for Alabama sports betting?

Sports betting in the state is likely a pretty big underdog.

There has not been much of an appetite for gambling expansions in the state; in fact, efforts to create a state lottery have been turned back on multiple occasions.

While other Southern states, including neighboring Mississippi, have embraced gambling, Alabama has generally decried new forms of gaming.

Bills to legalize daily fantasy sports in the state have also run into roadblocks. In 2017, a rant from a state lawmaker on a daily fantasy sports bill shed some light on how pervasive sports gambling is, even in Alabama.

Momentum, but not momentum for sports

Sports betting legislation remains in play in many states. The interest in much of the US is not indicative of success, at least to date.

Despite all those bills, no new state has actually authorized sports betting this year. Rhode Island did decide to upgrade sports wagering to include online and mobile betting.

Currently, legal betting takes place in eight states.