US Integrity, Odds On Compliance Form New Sports Betting Compliance Firm

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US Integrity

Following their merger, US Integrity and Odds On Compliance have rebranded into a sports betting compliance firm, their parent company, SeventySix Capital, announced Tuesday.

Integrity Compliance 360 will combine integrity monitoring services, compliance advising, and products to serve clients from both companies, including the four major American sports leagues, most US sportsbooks and international clients in Europe and Brazil.

One of those services flagged illicit betting activity tied to Toronto Raptors player Jontay Porter, who received a lifetime ban from the NBA last week.

Business as usual for US Integrity, Odds On Compliance clients

Each firm’s original products will persist without interruption, now unified under the IC360 brand, encompassing the Integrity Monitoring dashboard, PlayBook AI, and ProhiBet, according to a press release.

The merger was originally announced last October, following their collaboration on ProhiBet, which monitors sports betting compliance for athletes and other team personnel.

Sports betting compliance mission

IC360’s mission is to provide a one-stop shop of regulatory technology solutions and compliance expertise to the rapidly evolving sports betting and gaming industry, per the release.

“The merger of U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance, becoming IC360, is a significant event in the evolution of the asset class of sports, media, and entertainment to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical practices across the rapidly growing multi-hundred billion dollar global sports betting and gaming industry,” Wayne Kimmel, managing partner of SeventySix Capital said in a statement.

“IC360 will continue to shape and enhance the future by providing innovative, reliable, and trustworthy technology and services to teams, leagues, gaming operators, and regulators.”

Former executives to lead firm

Former US Integrity CEO Matt Holt will lead IC360 as CEO, while former Odds On Compliance CEO Eric Frank will serve as President.

Scott Sadin will take over as COO of IC360, a role he previously held with US Integrity.

Meanwhile, Kimmel, the original investor in both companies, will serve on IC360’s board of directors.