Rodgers Not Among Players Reinstated After NFL Betting Violations

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Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Isaiah Rodgers was not among the players reinstated Thursday after violating the NFL betting policy last year. 

ESPN reported Rodgers’ situation remains under review. 

The league reinstated five players in total from the larger group banned in 2023.

Names of the reinstated players

These players previously were suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL betting policy:

NFL betting violations for Rodgers

The NFL banned Rodgers for at least the 2023 campaign for betting on his own team. He was with the Indianapolis Colts at the time.

At the time of his suspension, ESPN reported he made approximately 100 wagers, most in the $25-$50 range.

They were made through a sportsbook account that was opened in the name of an associate of his. 

Player: betting for others, not me

The bets came from Rodgers’s online account, he later told ESPN. However, he said he made them for himself and not others

“Just trying to help friends and family out, just knowing that it wasn’t legal at the time in Florida and it was in Indiana,” Rodgers told ESPN. “At the end of the day I knew the rules, I wasn’t supposed to do it and I got to take what comes with it.”

Rodgers: Taylor bet not from my device

Rodgers also won a $1,000 prop bet on Colts running back Jonathan Taylor’s over/under rushing yards. 

“That report is true, with it being $1,000, but that (bet) wasn’t made from my device,” Rodgers told ESPN. “The $25 to $50 bets are exactly true, but it was more crazy-leg parlays with just $25 trying to make a crazy amount. Just funny bets. Nothing too serious. It was never, ‘This bet here is going to change my life.’”

NFL betting policy, education recap

Ten NFL players faced various suspensions in 2023 for violating the league’s gambling policy going back to 2022.

It has resulted in an increase in player education and awareness programs.

League disciplinary policies have also changed in the wake of the situations.