NFL Betting Policies Receive Update Following Rash Of Incidents

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In an attempt to clamp down on the influx of NFL betting investigations, the league has implemented new training procedures prior to the 2023 season

US Integrity founder and CEO Matt Holt told LSR last week that there are still more NFL betting investigations from last season that have yet to be disclosed, including players making prohibited wagers from their team practice facilities. 

“Our gambling policy has been in place for a long time – well before PASPA was overturned,” an NFL spokesperson told LSR. “As is the case with any policy, it is constantly being updated to stay current with the times.”

Rookies must watch NFL betting video

New for 2023, the NFL, in a policy document it sent to LSR, says all rookies now have to watch an additional training video from the league’s compliance department. 

The video hits on the importance of maintaining integrity, while reminding that players should never bet on NFL games, nor should they participate in any form of gambling while with the team in any capacity. 

For all players, gambling education was already mandatory, but the league has also strongly encouraged teams to have an in-person training presentation. 

Increase in NFL betting investigations

NFL gambling investigations and subsequent suspensions have recently spiked. 

Last season, star wide receiver Calvin Ridley served a one-year suspension for betting on his own team, violating the league’s gambling policy. He has since been reinstated.

New York Jets wide receivers coach Miles Austin also received a gambling ban in 2022

In April, four Detroit Lions players, and one Washington Commander, were suspended for gambling infractions. And a week ago, Indianapolis Colts cornerback and kick returner Isaiah Rodgers Sr. became the latest player to come under probe

Holt hopes increased gambling education and awareness will help lessen the amount of investigations. 

Six NFL betting commandments

The league lists six “don’ts” for its players to follow: 

What else NFL has cleaned up

The league also notes, as written in the summary, additional measures: