New Genius Sports Streaming Product Adds To NFL Betting Market

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Genius Sports’ release of its live streaming BetVision product has yielded strong NFL betting returns in the early going. 

Twice as many NFL betting wagers on Fanatics Sportsbook were placed while users were streaming versus not streaming, Genius Sports executives said during a Thursday product presentation. Fanatics has offered streamed NFL games on its app since Week 1, as first reported by LSR

The future of BetVision includes adding integrated bet slips, expanding to other sports leagues, and giving users a more personalized experience. Latency on its “clean stream” is 4-6 seconds behind what is happening on the field. 

NFL betting stats on BetVision

Genius Sports reported the following during its presentation: 

Latency times for NFL betting stream

Herold said that the 4-6 second “clean stream” latency is “usually 30-40 seconds ahead of what’s happening on TV.” 

It can differ based on the broadcaster, along with a user’s location and their stream connection. 

Augmented streams add approximately three seconds of additional latency, Herold added, putting them in the 7-9 second range. 

Excitement over ‘sweat mode’ feature

As of now, partners are integrated with the video player, along with live stats and content overlay. Caesars Sportsbook, Fanatics and BetRivers are the first sportsbooks to launch for the 2023 NFL season in the US. 

“We want to continue the rollout of the NFL product this season with our existing customers,” Herold said. 

Herold said they are particularly excited about adding a “sweat mode” that allows users to track their wagers in real-time.