Xpressbet Online Horse Racing Review

Betting on horse racing is an easy experience with Xpressbet.

Xpressbet allows you to wager on almost any horse race, both within the US and at international tracks. The online gambling operator was founded in 2002 and is available to horse race bettors in the majority of the US.

You can bet on horse races by using the Xpressbet mobile app. You’re able to bet from your smartphone, desktop computer or even over the phone.

Joining Xpressbet is straightforward. Like many legal online horse betting sites now available, Xpressbet offers various sportsbook promotions. It allows you to transfer money into your account in several ways.

Xpressbet adds a unique dynamic to betting on horse racing. You’re able to wager on thoroughbreds, quarter horses and harness racing from 300 tracks worldwide.

The best part about the mobile betting site is that you can usually view the races you’re interested in through a live stream.

The Stronach Group, which owns Xpressbet, is regarded as one of the largest brands in horse racing today. It owns several racetracks, including Santa Anita Park and Pimlico Race Course.

Xpressbet welcome bonus

Xpressbet offers new customers a competitive bonus for signing up.

By creating an account, Xpressbet will give you a free $10 instantly, as well as credits after betting on races. You’re eligible to receive $10 in credit for every $100 you bet, up to $500.

By using the promo code SPORTOFKINGS when signing up, you’ll earn the $10 bonus and have the chance to get $500 more.

Xpressbet will reward you with $10 for every $100 you wager during your first 30 days using the app. It spreads out your bonus over four weeks.

Xpressbet promo code

Xpressbet Racebook Promo CodeSPORTOFKINGS
No Deposit Bonus$10 Free
Betting Bonus$10 credit for every $100 wagered, up to $500
Last Verified:April 14, 2024

Xpressbet Rewards

Besides the welcome bonuses, Xpressbet features a rewards program where you can earn points that are redeemable for free credit and prizes.

With XB Rewards, you accumulate points by simply betting on horse races.

For every $1 you wager, you’ll receive two XB Rewards points. The more often you bet through Xpressbet, the higher your rewards level will grow.

Those in the higher tier of the loyalty program are eligible for more generous benefits.

Outside of wagering credits, you can receive discounts at certain racetracks, tickets to the Preakness and electronics like an iPad Pro.

To start earning, all you need to do is create an account with Xpressbet and begin betting.

Xpressbet promotions

Many of the promotions available on Xpressbet revolve around its rewards program.

The site runs exclusive promos for betting specific races or tracks. In return, it rewards you multipliers on your loyalty points.

Currently, you can earn six times the points for wagering on the Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream Park. Also, every Friday, you can get five times the points for placing bets on the Stronach Pick 5.

Another deal in place is Xpressbet’s XB Friends. You’re able to receive $50 in credit for referring a friend to sign up.

Xpressbet even has cash-back insurance promotions. For a specific race, if you place a win bet and, if that horse finishes either second or third, you’ll receive a refund of up to $20.

The Xpressbet offers ways to split 1 million rewards points, too.

For Florida Derby Day, Xpressbet is giving away 1 million points to customers who win the late Pick 4 (races 11-14), the early Pick 4 (races 2-5), as well as anyone who hit winning exacta bets on four different races for that card.

Xpressbet showcases several online tournaments throughout the season. Some contests are free to join, while others require a buy-in with either cash or rewards points.

You’ll compete against other entries by wagering on specific races. Whoever makes the most correct picks over the course of the day can win some serious cash.

Although the rules are slightly different for each tournament, they all include a sizable cash-prize pool where the overall winner often takes home $10,000.

Sign up at Xpressbet

Creating an account and joining Xpressbet is easy.

To start, you’ll need to enter some information, including:

You’ll also need to create a four-digit pin along with a security question. The only other information you need when joining is the promo code SPORTOFKINGS for the welcome bonus, as well as one if you’ve been sent a reference from a friend.

Once completed, you can deposit some funds and start wagering on races immediately.

Registration eligibility at Xpressbet

Like with all online sports betting apps, Xpressbet does have some eligibility requirements.

The two main components are that you’re at least the minimum age to wager legally, and you must be in one of the states where sports betting allowed.

Age minimums vary based on the specific state you’re wagering in across the US. Some states require you to be at least 21 years, whereas others only have it set at 18 years old.

The majority of states allow you to bet horse racing online. Currently, the following locations are still not permitted:

With legal online sports betting expanding throughout the country, it wouldn’t be surprising to see growth around horse racing as well. Xpressbet will most likely become available in these states eventually.

Download the Xpressbet app

For those who are eligible to use Xpressbet, downloading the app only takes a few seconds.

Apple customers can download the iOS app directly to their devices by going to the Apple App Store. While Android users can also use Xpressbet, they can’t download the app from the Google Play Store.

If you have an Android device, you’ll need to get Xpressbet from a link on its website.

You can take advantage of using the app on the go, or choose to access Xpressbet through a browser-based version on the web. Both platforms are nearly identical, so navigating the platform is relatively straightforward.

You’re able to view races through a live stream with both options.

Xpressbet also allows you to place bets over the phone with either a live teller or through automated voice and touch-tone services.

Xpressbet wagering options

Xpressbet provides nearly the same experience as going to the racetrack because it offers many different betting choices.

After selecting a track from the left side of the page, you’ll be able to see the horses available to wager on and their odds.

From there, you’re ready to bet in the following ways:

Although some of these terms might be confusing for novice bettors, these are the types of bets that horse racing fans know.

One unique part about the wager types is that Xpressbet lets you create a parlay. Most horse racing sites don’t allow this.

Xpressbet gives you the freedom to put bets from two to six various races on one betting card, enhancing your odds significantly.

Another key factor is the odds you’re getting are the same available at that given track. Xpressbet will adjust its odds as bets are placed, like at the racetrack, ensuring you have the most current and best odds.

Banking with Xpressbet

Xpressbet provides plenty of ways to transfer money to and from your account.

You can deposit money in the following ways:

After winning a few races, you’re able to withdraw funds in the following methods:

• Check by mail
• PayPal
• Xpressfund: Transfer to bank

The growth of Xpressbet

Xpressbet has grown substantially since being founded in 2002. The online horse racing app is owned by The Stronach Group and is available in most of the US.

Since starting to accept online wagers almost 20 years ago, Xpressbet has continued to improve and is regarded as one of the top sites for wagering on horse races.

Now you’re able to bet on races at 300 different tracks around the world and can even live stream the action after doing so.

Even though Xpressbet isn’t available in every state yet, online betting laws are continuing to expand all over the US. If the app isn’t offered in your state just yet, the odds are likely that it will be sometime soon.