ESPN Sportsbook App Preview – June 2023 Update

Disclaimer: ESPN Sportsbook is not yet online. This preview is speculative and will be updated when the ESPN Sportsbook app launches.

ESPN — the biggest name in sports news — could soon launch an online sportsbook. In a podcast appearance in June 2022, ESPN president James Pataro stated that sports betting has become “a must-have” for ESPN.

In this preview, we will take a look at what features ESPN’s online sportsbook might offer. We also expect some sort of welcome bonus to lure an initial wave of players to the ESPN Sportsbook platform. Let’s dive into what to expect when this product launches.

ESPN Sportsbook new player bonus

If and when ESPN launches a sportsbook, it will almost certainly include some welcome promotions. With few exceptions, online sportsbooks operating in the US offer welcome bonuses. It’s hard to imagine ESPN competing for market share without doing so as well.

A common welcome bonus at other online sportsbooks is an insured first bet. With this type of bonus, if your first bet wins, you collect your payout as normal. However, if your bet loses, you receive a refund in bonus bets or site credits equal to your losing bet, up to a set maximum.

Of course, ESPN may also end up offering something else, like a deposit matching bonus or some type of bet and get, for instance. That is where you make a bet of a required size to unlock additional bonus bets.

We will have to wait and see how ESPN chooses to implement its bonus once its sportsbook launches.

ESPN Sportsbook welcome bonus and promo code for June 2023

ESPN Sportsbook Promo CodeComing Soon
Welcome BonusTo be determined
When is ESPN Sportsbook launching?No word yet on when or if ESPN will launch its own online sportsbook.
Late UpdatedJune 2023

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ESPN Sportsbook promotions

It will be interesting to see what ESPN offers for recurring promotions, given its expertise in marketing and brand building. Until the online sportsbook launches, though, we can only speculate. Here are a few potential types of promos we may see:

ESPN rewards program

This one will remain a mystery for a while. Will ESPN offer a player loyalty program if its sports betting site launches? Many popular books have one of these, but we cannot be sure whether ESPN will.

If ESPN does offer a loyalty program, odds are good that it will have a similar structure as what you might find at competing sportsbooks. Such programs frequently take the form of a tiered rewards system that offers increasing perks the more you bet. Potential rewards can include cash back, bonus bets, discounted merchandise and more.

Will ESPN Sportsbook be legal?

A global company such as ESPN will not take any legal chances with an online sportsbook in its name. You can expect that whenever it launches, it will be licensed by state authorities where it is available. While not every state supports legal sports betting, the list continues to grow. If ESPN Sportsbook becomes available in your state, we are confident that it will be with regulatory approval.

States where ESPN Sportsbook might be on the way

As we’ve mentioned, the ESPN online sportsbook is not available yet. However, if the time comes, ESPN will have a number of states to pick from where online sports betting is legal, with more becoming available at regular intervals.

ESPN Sportsbook eligibility requirements

Until ESPN launches its book, we won’t know what types of limitations it may place on players. We do know, though, that ESPN is going to want to make its product available to as many eligible bettors as it can while still following all relevant regulations.

For instance, the age at which you can bet on sports online will depend on the law in your particular state. Most states set the minimum age at 21, but a few allow those 18 and older to bet. You will also need to be within a state that allows online sports betting. You won’t need to live there, necessarily, but you will have to be inside the state lines.

There may be other state-specific restrictions, as well. For instance, some states will not permit betting on games involving in-state college teams.

What will ESPN Sportsbook’s top features be?

Of course, the sportsbook has not yet launched, so we aren’t able to know exactly what features it might be sporting. But given ESPN’s reputation and reach, high expectations are reasonable:

How to sign up for an account at ESPN Sportsbook

Players will likely need to create their new account via the ESPN sportsbook webpage or by installing the app on their phone or tablet. You will then have to give some identifying info like your full name, residential address and your Social Security number so ESPN can confirm your details.

How you can bet at ESPN

In all likelihood, ESPN will segment the wagers based on the sport. So, if you are the type who only bets during the NFL season or during March Madness, you’ll potentially find a variety of interesting bets. This also makes multi-sport parlays easy to build.

Regarding the types of wagers that will probably appear on the ESPN Sportsbook, you’ll almost certainly find all the standard options:

What sports can you bet on at ESPN?

We can’t be sure exactly what sports will be available right if the sportsbook launches, but we anticipate ESPN to feature a little bit of a lot eventually. In addition to all major professional sports leagues, we may also see options for smaller sports, potentially including things like cycling, motocross, handball and Formula One.

ESPN banking options

Here are the main banking options that major books tend to offer and that we may see at an ESPN online sportsbook:

While ESPN likely won’t charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals, your chosen banking method might. The minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals could be around $5 or $10. On the subject of withdrawals, expect to wait a few days for your payout so ESPN can confirm and verify the transaction. This is standard practice at legal online sportsbooks.

How to get help at ESPN Sportsbook

ESPN is of course already familiar with customer service. The first thing you’ll tend to see when looking for help at an online sportsbook is an FAQ/help page. This is often the first stop for players looking for assistance.

Next, a live chat feature is good for players who want to get a resolution fast without taking the time to make a phone call. As a last option, we could also see a dedicated email address and customer support phone number from ESPN.

ESPN Sportsbook FAQ

What is the ESPN Sportsbook welcome bonus for June 2023?

ESPN has yet to launch its online sportsbook, so it’s unclear at the moment what it may offer for bonuses, or whether you will require and ESPN Sportsbook bonus code to activate any offer.

In which states is ESPN Sportsbook available?

An ESPN Sportsbook likely would launch in regulated states on a rolling basis as it acquires licenses. If the company chooses to purchase an existing sportsbook, those licenses might already be in place, leading to faster availability.

How old will you have to be to bet at ESPN?

It depends on the state from which you are betting. Most states set the minimum sports betting age at 21, but a few have it at 18.

Does ESPN let you cash out bets early?

Yes, ESPN will almost certainly offer bettors options to cash out some bets early, either to lock in a smaller win or to cut your losses.

Who will own the ESPN Sportsbook?

ESPN is a sports powerhouse under the ownership of Walt Disney and Hearst Communications.

Will ESPN Sportsbook be safe?

Yes. As mentioned, ESPN is mostly owned by Disney, so you can feel secure knowing that it will take steps to ensure the legitimacy and safety of all its products, including its sportsbook.

The ESPN story

ESPN began as the brainchild of Bill Rasmussen. He envisioned a global sports broadcasting network and set up shop in Connecticut in 1978. The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network quickly caught fire and became the global destination for all types of sports. Today, ESPN’s TV channels reach over 76 million households in the United States alone.