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The NFL playoffs concluded in thrilling fashion as the Chiefs and Eagles punched tickets to Super Bowl 57, taking down the Bengals and 49ers, respectively. The big game comes our way on Sunday, Feb. 12, and the current Super Bowl spread is suggesting that it could be close. Next up, over the offseason, legal online sportsbooks will release odds on the chances for each of the league’s 32 teams to make it to the playoffs. Here’s a look at what you need to know about NFL playoff odds and key info about betting on the postseason.

NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds

2023 NFL playoff results

The 2023 NFL playoffs began on Jan. 14, 2023. Here’s how things shook out during each round.

2023 NFL wild card

2023 NFL divisional round

2023 NFL conference championships

Teams that have clinched 2022-23 NFL playoff spots

After a thrilling regular season that was filled with surprises, here’s how the seeds shook out on the AFC side of the bracket:

Here’s a look at the NFC qualifiers:

Teams eliminated from 2022-23 NFL playoff contention

Offseason plans are now officially underway for 30 of the league’s 32 clubs. For the current state of affairs for the teams that are out of the chase, just click one of the links below.

Which teams made the playoffs last year?

The 2021-22 NFL season featured competitive postseason chases in both conferences. Twelve teams booked 10-plus wins — six in each conference — with all clubs in that category qualifying. The final spot in the AFC went down to the last game of the season, while the seventh seed in the NFC came down to tiebreakers.

2021-22 AFC playoff teams

Out of the four division winners, the top three seeds had plenty of backers, but it was the Bengals who wound up advancing to the Super Bowl. The three wild card teams were one and done, with the Patriots and Steelers both suffering double-digit losses.

2021-22 NFC playoff teams

The Packers and Cowboys both disappointed with losses in their opening playoff tilts. The Buccaneers failed to defend their crown, and the 49ers went on an impressive run before falling to the Super Bowl champion Rams.

NFL teams with the most playoff appearances

The NFL can be cyclical, as teams go through ebbs and flows of contention. On an all-time basis, the Packers are the current leaders with 35 playoff appearances, while the Texans are last with six. Here are the totals for all 32 teams and what happened during their last playoff trip:

TeamAppearancesLast Results
Arizona Cardinals112021 — Lost to Rams in wild card round
Atlanta Falcons142017 — Lost to Eagles in divisional round
Baltimore Ravens132020 — Lost to Bills in divisional round
Buffalo Bills212021 — Lost to Chiefs in divisional round
Carolina Panthers82017 — Lost to Saints in wild card round
Chicago Bears272020 — Lost to Saints in wild card round
Cincinnati Bengals152021 — Lost to Rams in Super Bowl
Cleveland Browns252020 — Lost to Chiefs in divisional round
Dallas Cowboys342021 — Lost to 49ers in wild card round
Denver Broncos222015 — Won Super Bowl over Panthers
Detroit Lions172016 — Lost to Seahawks in wild card round
Green Bay Packers352021 — Lost to 49ers in divisional round
Houston Texans62019 — Lost to Chiefs in divisional round
Indianapolis Colts292020 — Lost to Bills in wild card round
Jacksonville Jaguars72017 — Lost to Patriots in AFC title game
Kansas City Chiefs242021 — Lost to Bengals in AFC title game
Las Vegas Raiders232021 — Lost to Bengals in wild card round
Los Angeles Chargers192018 — Lost to Patriots in divisional round
Los Angeles Rams312021 — Won Super Bowl over Bengals
Miami Dolphins232016 — Lost to Steelers in wild card round
Minnesota Vikings302019 — Lost to 49ers in divisional round
New England Patriots282021 — Lost to Bills in wild card round
New York Giants322016 — Lost to Packers in wild card round
New York Jets142010 — Lost to Steelers in AFC title game
New Orleans Saints142020 — Lost to Buccaneers in divisional round
Philadelphia Eagles282021 — Lost to Buccaneers in wild card round
Pittsburgh Steelers332021 — Lost to Chiefs in wild card round
San Francisco 49ers272021 — Lost to Rams in NFC title game
Seattle Seahawks192020 — Lost to Rams in wild card round
Tampa Bay Buccaneers122021 — Lost to Rams in divisional round
Tennessee Titans252021 — Lost to Bengals in divisional round
Washington Commanders252020 — Lost to Buccaneers in wild card round

How to bet on NFL playoff futures

Over the lengthy offseason, there’s often plenty of debate about which teams will qualify for the NFL playoffs next year. Online sportsbooks give bettors a chance to make their picks starting when they release the odds for each team’s chances.

To make the playoffs: Dallas Cowboys

For the above example, the -250 odds for “yes” indicate that the sportsbook expects Dallas to make it to the postseason, as do the +195 odds for “no.”

However, the preseason odds won’t always be right on the money. There’s regular turnover in NFL playoff participants from season to season. What the odds do provide, though, is a realistic set of expectations for all 32 teams.

For some clubs, the postseason odds will hover around -110 for both choices, similar to a spread or total bet. The span between the numbers can be much wider for other teams, just like what you find in some moneyline bets.

As a season-long wager, the bet requires a long-term perspective, as your funds will remain tied up until there’s an outcome. Beyond the chance to win some money if you make the right call, NFL playoff futures can give you something else to root for as the season progresses.

NFL postseason format

Beginning with the 2020 season, the NFL expanded the playoff field from 12 to 14 teams. It was the first such expansion since 1990 and included several notable changes. Here’s how the format works:

NFL playoff FAQs

In what season did the NFL expand the playoffs to 14 teams?  

The NFL changed its postseason format to 14 teams in 2020. The playoff field was previously at 12 teams, which started with the 1990 NFL season.

When do the NFL playoffs begin this year?

Playoffs for the 2022-23 NFL season are scheduled to begin with the wild card round on Saturday, Jan. 14. This year’s Super Bowl is set for Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

What is the lowest-seeded playoff team to win a Super Bowl?  

The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers and 2010 Green Bay Packers share the distinction. Both clubs were six seeds that ran the table to win the Super Bowl.

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