MLB Odds & Betting Lines

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Below you’ll find MLB odds for every upcoming game. The table will let you sort through multiple baseball betting sites to compare moneylines, run lines, inning totals, and more. If you see a bet you like, clicking the odds will take you to the sportsbook where you can place that wager.

MLB odds for today

The table below has odds for betting on MLB games at multiple online sportsbooks.

MLB team and player prop bets

Our team and player prop tables will let you compare odds for various bets. Additionally, you can find game-specific props, including pitcher strikeouts plus hits and home runs for batters. Take a look at what legal online sportsbooks are offering for these props:

MLB MVP odds

Cy Young odds

Types of MLB bets

For those learning how to bet on baseball, these are the most popular types of wagers and what they mean.

Moneyline: This is a straightforward bet on which team will win the game. The margin of victory doesn’t matter as long as you correctly pick the winning team, with the odds and the size of your wager determining your potential payout.

Spread/run line: The team that’s the favorite will almost always have a run line of -1.5. This means that a run line bet on that team will be successful if and only if the team wins by two runs or more. The underdog will typically have a +1.5 run line, meaning that a bet on that team will win if the team either loses by a single run or wins by any score.

Over/under (total): This allows you to bet on the total number of runs the two competing teams will combine to score in the game. Sportsbooks set the total, and you can choose whether to bet the over or the under. If the total is 10.5, for example, an over bet would win as long as the teams combine to score 11 runs or more by the end of the game.

No run first inning: This bet is exactly what it sounds like, which is a wager on whether there will be any runs in the first inning of a game. Part of the appeal of this type of bet is that it gets a quick result. One way or another, by the time the game reaches the top of the second inning, you’ll know if you’ve won.

Player prop (total bases, for example): This is a bet on an individual player’s accomplishments. In this example, it’s a bet on how many bases a hitter will gain through the course of the game with his batting alone. For instance, if that player collected two singles and one double in a game, his total bases would be four. Walks, steals and other advancements that don’t come as a result of his own hitting do not count toward his total bases.

How to read MLB odds

The simple way to understand odds is that a plus sign indicates an underdog, while a minus sign indicates a favorite. The higher the number next to the plus or the minus, the bigger an underdog or favorite the sportsbook considers that bet to be. For instance, a $100 bet on a +250 underdog would win you $250 (in addition to the return of your original stake) if that bet won. But if you were betting on a -250 favorite, a bet of $250 would stand to win $100 (plus the return of your stake).


Can I bet on Major League Baseball?

In every state where sports betting is legal, yes, sportsbooks typically offer odds and multiple types of bets for every MLB game throughout the regular season and the playoffs.

What are some popular MLB bets?

One of the most popular MLB bets is the moneyline bet, which means simply picking one team to win the game by any margin. Another popular option is betting the over/under on the total number of runs that the two teams will combine to score by the end of the game.

What is a run line bet?

Run line bets operate similarly to point spreads in other sports. In the case of baseball, however, the favorite almost always has a run line of -1.5, meaning that a bet on that team only hits if the team wins by two runs or more. A bet on a team with a +1.5 run line means that the bet hits if the team wins, or loses by only one run.

How do MLB futures work?

Futures allow you to bet on certain outcomes — which team will win the World Series, which will win the AL/NL pennant, division winners, etc. — well in advance of those things actually happening. The advantage is that the odds are typically better at the start of the season, when the field is still wide open and there are many games still to play. As the season winds down and the picture becomes clearer, odds on the teams still in contention will get narrower.

How does in-game betting work in Major League Baseball?

Live betting, aka in-game betting, is often especially popular in sports like baseball. Sportsbooks will sometimes offer changing, dynamic odds as the game goes on. As one team gains a lead or changes pitchers, those odds can see big shifts, and your risk and payout will depend on what the odds are at the time you place your bet.