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Anyone in the United Kingdom can now enjoy playing daily fantasy sports at DraftKings.

The DFS site has been live with its UK platform for several years, offering a product that parallels its offering in the United States.


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New player deposit bonus at DraftKings UK

New players at DraftKings UK are eligible for both a deposit match bonus (£400, see terms) and a free contest entry (no terms or playthrough attached, must create a valid account to claim). Follow our link to have the bonus and entry automatically added to your account.

Claim your £400 Draft Kings UK Deposit Bonus

DraftKings UK promo code

No DraftKings UK promo code is needed to claim the above offers. When DraftKings UK first launched, they did ask users for a promo code, but that part of the signup process has been removed.

As a result, players simply need to visit DraftKings and create an account to claim the welcome bonuses detailed above.

Draft Kings UK: quick review


DraftKings UK - Editor's Review
  • Guaranteed Prize Pools
  • Bonuses
  • Traffic
  • Variety of Contests / Sports Offered
  • VIP Program


Although relatively unknown in the UK, DraftKings offers a perfect entry level Daily Fantasy Sports site for UK customers. By accessing the same games as US and Canadian based customers, UK customers can access a wide range of daily games and play for outstanding prizes immediately.

The bonuses offered are excellent and the number of players in each game make it easy to find a Fantasy Game to try out if you are not sure. As the UK market grows, so should the number of sports offered that would appeal to the UK-based market in particular and as a VIP program member, if you play regularly on the site you can receive rewards in the form of free contest entries or even receive DraftKings own brand of merchandise.


DraftKings UK fact sheet

DraftKings is currently one of the two largest providers of daily fantasy sports, along with FanDuel.  The site is available to residents in most U.S. states and Canada, and now also to players in the United Kingdom.

DraftKings UK is essentially, the same site as the one that US players have been using for many years now. Since its inception over three years ago, DraftKings has developed into the second largest provider of Daily Fantasy Sports in the world and the company offers this rapidly developing and increasingly popular form of gaming/betting to customers in the United States, Canada as well as the UK.

Player pools in the UK will be shared with North America.

DraftKings UK software

Currently, DraftKings UK is only available via mobile app, for both iOS and Android. A web interface is in development.

Of the two options, the iOS version does seem to offer a better experience when playing DraftKings than the Android version, which is a little more simplistic and not quite as responsive.

In truth however, the differences are negligible and the fact that the DraftKings client software is one of most mature in the industry, makes it very easy to play using either mobile device.

DraftKings UK contests

All the contests DraftKings offers in the U.S. will also be available in the UK. There is not much in the way of product differentiation for the UK launch.

  • Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournaments – To enjoy this form of game all players need to do is pay the stated entry fee and draft their fantasy team. Once entered, your team will compete against the others also entered for a share of the guaranteed cash available as part of the prize pool. These events will run regardless of how many people enter the event.
  • Head to Head Battles – Perhaps the essence of true Fantasy Sports. Take on one other player in a battle for an agreed entry fee and it pit your teams against each other in a winner-takes-all battle for Fantasy points.
  • 50/50 Double Your Money Tournaments – These are fantasy events where you can almost double your money by ensuring that your fantasy team finishes in the top half of the final standings. If you do, you practically double your money. A very simple way to play and a cheap and ideal route into Daily Fantasy Sports for UK players not quite sure how it all works.
  • League Competitions – UK players of traditional fantasy sports games will be familiar with league based gaming. Enter an existing league accepting applications or create your own league from 3 to 50 players in size. Smaller leagues see the winner take all the winnings, while larger leagues reward the top three, four or five players depending on their size.
  • Qualifiers – Similar to poker satellite tournaments, DFS Qualifiers allow players to enter low priced events with the chance to win a free entry to play in a more expensive event.
  • Multipliers – These are tournaments where a small number of players in the field will receive a relatively large equal prize compared to their buy in, effectively multiplying their buy-in depending on the tournament fee and the number of players competing.
  • Steps – A Steps tournament in DFS allows users to progress through a tournament by finishing in the winning positions of each event, thus progressing onto the next step. In theory, it is possible to pay a small entry fee and progress through the event until you are playing for a much larger prize pool at Step 4.

DraftKings UK sports

dk-uk-sportsYou can play each of these types of games across a range of eight different sports.

Most of these are US-based sports, although of most interest to UK customers will likely be the Soccer games available. The sports you can play DFS at DraftKings UK are:

  • Soccer (this includes regular Premier League, Champions League and Major League Soccer competitions during the relevant seasons)
  • PGA Tour Golf
  • Mixed Martial Arts (Such as the UFC)
  • NASCAR Racing
  • Basketball (Both NBA and College Basketball)
  • American Football (both NFL and College Football)
  • Baseball (Major League)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL)

Previously, DraftKings had said it would like to eventually offer more UK-centric sports, like cricket or rugby.

DraftKings UK – deposits and withdrawals

The DraftKings UK cashier indicates that you can use both PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards to make payments to your DraftSports account as a UK customer, although when we tested the site (on 7/2/2016), the Credit/Debit card payment option was not yet operational, so we made our initial deposit through PayPal.

When you make a deposit, you must agree to the conversion rate stated by DraftKings to convert your British Pound balance into a US Dollar balance (as all markets on the DraftKings site use US Dollars as the base currency). Once agreed, your balance will be automatically converted into US Dollars.

When you make a withdrawal, then any funds you want transferred back to you are done so via the same method you made a deposit in, so in the case above, any withdrawals would be made back to the PayPal account used to fund the account initially.

DraftKings UK registration process

Signing for for DraftKings UK is relatively simple. You cannot sign up via the website just yet, so the only way to do this at present is to download the available app for Android or iOS devices and install it onto your mobile device.

Once downloaded, load up the device and click on the green Sign Up button to proceed.


All you need to then do is enter your chosen Username, a valid Email address, a password, your date of birth and (if you have one) a promotional code (remember, you can use the code MEGA to get a fantastic starter bonus).  Agree to the terms and conditions and indicate if you want to receive promotions and other materials from DraftKings and then click the Create Account button.

After a few seconds the registration process will complete and the home page on the app will load up. It is now time to make your first deposit and claim your new member offer.

DraftKings.co.uk deposit bonus details

Deposit Bonus at DraftKings UK

As a UK customer, when you make your first deposit as outlined above with DraftKings UK, then you are eligible to two different bonuses:

First up, you get a free tournament entry to the value of $3 to try out any eligible Daily Fantasy Sports game on DraftKings. This means you get one ‘free shot’ at a tournament to grasp how it works before you start wagering your own cash.

Secondly, you also get a 100% deposit bonus based on your first deposit up to a maximum of £400. However this money isn’t available immediately and is released as the individual earns DraftKings Frequent Player Points (FPPs) by playing in real cash contests.

For every 100 FPP’s you earn, you will release $1 of your bonus (remember, your UK pound deposit is converted to a US Dollar balance) and you have 120 days within which to earn the full bonus, which unless you are playing DFS regularly each day, can be a tough ask for players to earn their bonus in full.

However, you can use any FPP’s you earn on the DratKings Rewards program which allows you to exchange your FPP’s for a variety of tickets for entry into different types of Daily Fantasy Sports games.

Geographic restrictions

Currently, you can only play DraftKings in most states in the United States, across Canada and in the UK, which comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Players from Ireland or other European countries cannot yet play at DraftKings.

The three best things about DraftKings UK

  • Easy access to all the existing DraftKings games for US and Canadian players meaning there is already a huge choice of Daily Fantasy Sports games to pick from.
  • The chance to have one ‘free’ shot at a DFS game through your bonus offer before you start spending money, so you can trial your strategy and see how you perform.
  • A fantastic choice of American-based sports, plus key soccer markets mean it is likely to have instant appeal to a large number of Fantasy Sports players in the UK, as well as traditional punters.

The three worst things about DraftKings UK

  • The starter bonus can be very difficult to release in full unless you are prepared to play DFS at DraftKings several times a day.
  • Many UK players, even of fantasy sports, may not be fully aware of how Daily Fantasy Sports work as it is a very different way of playing fantasy sports to the usual fantasy games played in the UK.
  • A lack of a web-based option means that you can only play via Android or iOS mobile devices at present, which isn’t ideal for those who prefer to play on their desktop.

Who regulates DraftKings UK?

DraftKings UK holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Learn more about the licensing process for DraftKings UK here, and learn more about the UKGC here.

Background on DraftKings’ UK license

DraftKings received a license to operate in the UK in August. Here’s our original story covering that license:

DraftKings announced that it has received a gaming license to operate in the United Kingdom, the first major U.S.-based daily fantasy sports site that will operate in a regulated market in Europe.

What we know about DraftKings entering the UK

DraftKings announced that it had received the license in a press release on Monday morning. In the release, DraftKings relayed that it had received the U. license, which it applied for in June.

The license can be viewed here; DraftKings is now licensed for “Gambling Software” and “Pool Betting,” according to the license. The domain DraftKings.co.uk is now active, with the message “DraftKings is launching in your country soon.”

The release also notes that:

  • DraftKings “expects to be operational in the UK in the fourth quarter.”
  • The site will open a London office by the end of this year.
  • Jeffrey Haas has been named DraftKings’ Chief International Officer. Haas was formerly bwin.party’s director of poker. What DraftKings’ execs said

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, from the release:

“Our expansion into the United Kingdom marks a milestone moment in the growth of DraftKings as we introduce our world-class product to new audiences. We will add new sports and games to our burgeoning roster of offerings and further connect fans to their favorite teams and players. We also welcome the opportunity to forge new partnerships with leagues, teams and media outlets internationally as we have done with exceptional success in the United States.”

And Haas:

“DraftKings is well-poised for explosive growth internationally, and I am excited to lead their expansion efforts. Daily Fantasy Sports is a growing category outside North America, and we have a tremendous opportunity to engage sports fans around the world. We will look to maintain our leadership position in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry – creating innovative games across the most sports, providing our players with elite customer service and fostering mutually-beneficial relationships with our partners.”

Joining the rest of the world

FanDuel, which has offices in Scotland, had a UK license, from the world of DFS. It decided to stop serving the market ahead of the 2017 EPL season.

Other operators in the market include Yahoo and PlayOn.

The press release also notes that DraftKings is planning “launches in additional markets, including EuropeAsia Pacific and Latin America, planned for 2016.” Which jurisdictions it is planning to apply for licenses for is unknown.

UK launch follows a number of delays

DraftKings UK was originally slated to launch in fall of 2015. Here’s our original story covering why DraftKings UK was delayed.

DraftKings will not launch a daily fantasy sports product in the United Kingdom until 2016, according to multiple media reports, a delay of months from a planned roll-out in October.

Bloomberg broke the news of DraftKings’ delayed launch on Wednesday. According to that report, the launch has been delayed to “early next year.”

The Boston Globe also reported on the delay, talking to an executive who said that DraftKings would enter the UK once some “minor issues are resolved.”

The biggest sport in the UK is soccer’s English Premier League; that organization’s schedule continues through the middle of May. So it appears conceivable that DraftKings could go live for the tail-end of the season.

The backstory of DraftKings and the UK

DraftKings had earlier said that its UK product would go live sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. But after pushing back a stated launch at least twice, the DFS operator apparently is willing to take its time in entering the UK market.

Here’s the timeline of how we got here:

Why the delay in the UK?

Beyond what DraftKings has said via the media, the reasons for the delay are a matter of speculation. It’s reasonable to conclude that time spent on matters in the U.S. — namely the court battle in New York and lobbying efforts in a variety of states — are likely pulling the company’s attention away from the core business and the international expansion effort.

The UK launch for DraftKings is also not a direct port of the North American product, so they were likely complications in creating the UK platform that could have been unforeseen.

In October, some politicians questioned how DraftKings received a license given the news that had broken across the Atlantic Ocean, but there has been no more chatter via UK media on that front.

DFS presence in the UK, and market possibilities

The market for DFS in the UK is still in its infancy. FanDuel, Yahoo, and PlayON are among the largest operators to serve the UK.

Generally, DFS sites only operate in the US and Canada, as a gaming license is understood to be needed to operate in most jurisdictions around the world.

While focusing efforts overseas during the current turmoil in the US might seem to some to be a less-than-ideal strategy on its face, it could also make a lot of sense.

As DFS operators face the possibility of regulation in a number of states and an uncertain future in jurisdictions throughout the US, DFS sites — or at least DraftKings and FanDuel — can pursue licenses in jurisdictions where they can have legal clarity. DraftKings has expressed its interest the Asian and Australian markets, but before controversy in the industry erupted.

Of course, getting gaming licenses and developing a market for daily fantasy sports in other countries is an expensive proposition, and FanDuel and DraftKings are having to pour a lot of capital into their efforts stateside.

The success of international expansion is far from a given, but it also stands as a possible path forward for operators. It will be interesting to see how sites approach the possibilities of international markets given the uncertainty they face at home.

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