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In a scenario that echoes the battle between Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars for sponsored poker pros from 2006-2011, the two largest one-day fantasy sports sites — FanDuel and DraftKings — are currently engaged in a sponsorship arms race of their own.

And the two DFS titans aren’t alone, as several smaller DFS sites have secured big-name partnerships.

The table below outlines all the major partnerships and sponsorships involving one day fantasy sports that we’re aware of. Contact us with ones we missed. (Note: This listing no longer tracks sponsorship deals with individual athletes.) The length and terms of the deals are often not made public.

Click here for more details on the relationship between DFS sites and sports venues.

Daily fantasy sports and football

The NFL is the biggest prize left for daily fantasy sports sites to partner with. Because most of the revenue in DFS is based on fantasy football, striking a deal with the league would be a huge coup for either FanDuel or DraftKings.

The NFL officially said earlier this year that teams are limited to one-year deals. But now, most of the teams are now aligned with either FanDuel or DraftKings.

Here are the current known sponsorships:

SitePartnerTypeDateMore info
DraftKingsAtlanta FalconsSports Team9/11/2015 (no longer active)More info.
FanDuelBaltimore RavensSports team3/25/2015More info.
FanDuelBuffalo BillsSports Team4/22/2015More info.
DraftKingsCarolina PanthersSports Team9/11/2015More info.
FanDuelChicago BearsSports Team5/25/2015More info.
FanDuelCincinnati BengalsSports Team4/22/2015More info.
FanDuelCleveland BrownsSports Team4/22/2015More info.
DraftKingsDallas CowboysSports Team9/11/2015More info.
DraftKingsDenver BroncosSports Team9/11/2015More info.
FanDuelDetroit LionsSports Team4/22/2015More info.
FanDuelGreen Bay PackersSports Team4/22/2015More info.
FanDuelHouston TexansSports Team4/22/2015More info.
FanDuelIndianapolis ColtsSports Team4/22/2015More info.
FanDuelJacksonville JaguarsSports Team4/22/2015More info.
DraftKingsKansas City ChiefsSports Team9/11/2015More info.
DraftKingsMiami DolphinsSports Team9/11/2015 (no longer active)More info.
DraftKingsMinnesota VikingsSports Team9/11/2015More info.
DraftKingsNew England PatriotsSports team9/11/2015More info.
DraftKingsNew York GiantsSports Team9/11/2015More info.
FanDuelNew York JetsSports Team4/22/2015More info.
DraftKingsNFL Players AssociationOrganization9/29/2015More info.
DraftKingsOakland RaidersSports Team9/11/2015 (no longer active)More info.
FanDuelPhiladelphia EaglesSports Team4/22/2015More info.
DraftKingsPittsburgh SteelersSports team9/11/2015 (no longer active)More info.
FanDuelSan Diego ChargersSports Team4/22/2015More info.
FanDuelLos Angeles RamsSports team3/25/2015 (no longer active)More info.
FanDuelTampa Bay BuccaneersSports Team4/22/2015More info.
DraftKingsTennessee TitansSports Team9/11/2015 (no longer active)More info.
FanDuelWashingtonSports team11/14/2014More info.

Daily fantasy sports and hockey

The NHL may be the smallest of the four major sports in the U.S., but the game is massive in Canada, and Canada is also the second-largest DFS market in the world. DraftKings signed a historic multiyear contract with the National Hockey League (NHL) on November 10, 2014.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but the deal is likely built around some type of equity share in DraftKings for the NHL.

DraftKings became the Official Daily Fantasy Game of the NHL, and is heavily promoted across the NHL’s digital platforms, including NHL.com, NHL Mobile and the NHL’s social media platforms.

DraftKings will also sponsor daily video previews for each regular-season game at NHL.com, and “Fantasy Players to watch” segments on one of NHL Network.

NHL teams can partner with any site they wish.

Here are the current known sponsorships:

SitePartnerTypeDateMore info
DraftKingsBoston BruinsSports team11/10/2014More info.
DraftKingsBuffalo SabresSports teamUnknown
DraftKingsChicago BlackhawksSports team11/10/2014More info.
DraftKingsColorado AvalancheSports team11/10/2014More info.
DraftKingsDetroit Red WingsSports team1/29/2015 (no longer active)More info.
DraftKingsLos Angeles KingsSports team11/10/2014More info.
DraftKingsNHLSports league11/10/2014More info.
DraftKingsNY RangersSports team6/4/2015More info.
DraftKingsPhiladelphia FlyersSports teamUnknown
DraftKingsPittsburgh PenguinsSports teamUnknown
DraftKingsSt. Louis BluesSports team11/10/2014 (no longer active)More info.
DraftKingsToronto Maple LeafsSports teamUnknown

Daily fantasy sports and basketball

Not to be outdone by the DraftKings deal with the NHL, FanDuel and the National Basketball Association (NBA) entered into a multiyear agreement on November 12, 2014.

According to reports, the NBA was granted an undisclosed equity share in FanDuel, and will showcase FanDuel’s free-to-play “Official One-Day Fantasy Basketball Game of the NBA.”

FanDuel will get advertising. A lot of advertising. The NBA Official One-Day Fantasy Basketball Game and FanDuel will be promoted across multiple NBA properties and channels, including NBA.com, NBA Mobile, as well as on TV with NBA partners ABC/ESPN and TNT.

It should be noted that the partnership does not prohibit individual teams from entering into their own partnership with FanDuel or a competing DFS site.

European operator PlayON struck a deal with the NBA for fantasy sports in a number of international jurisdictions.

Here are the current known sponsorships:

SitePartnerTypeSportDateMore info
FanDuelAtlanta HawksSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.
DraftKingsBoston CelticsSports TeamBasketball12/12/2014More info.
FanDuelBrooklyn NetsSports teamBasketball10/24/2014; renewed 6/23/15More info.
FanDuelCharlotte HornetsSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.
FanDuelChicago BullsSports teamBasketball11/12/2014; renewed 6/23/15More info.
FanDuelCleveland Cavaliers Sports teamBasketball6/23/15More info.
FanDuelDallas MavericksSports teamBasketball11/12/2014; renewed 6/23/15More info.
DraftKingsDenver NuggetsSports TeamBasketballUnknown
FanDuelDetroit PistonsSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.
DraftKingsGolden State WarriorsSports teamBasketball1/30/2015More info.
DraftKingsHouston RocketsSports teamBasketball12/20/2014 (no longer active)More info.
FanDuelIndiana PacersSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.
FanDuelLA LakersSports teamBasketball11/21/2014More info.
DraftKingsLos Angeles ClippersSports teamBasketball2/4/2015More info.
FanDuelMemphis GrizzliesSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.
FanDuelMiami HeatSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.
FanDuelMilwaukee BucksSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.
DraftKingsMinnesota TimberwolvesSports teamBasketball1/8/2015More info.
FanDuelNBASports leagueBasketball11/12/2014More info.
DraftKingsNew York KnicksSports teamBasketball6/4/2015More info.
DraftKingsNew York LibertySports TeamWomen's Basketball6/4/2015More info.
DraftKingsOklahoma City ThunderSports teamBasketballUnknown
FanDuelOrlando MagicSports teamBasketball8/22/2014; renewed 6/23/15More info.
DraftKingsPhiladelphia 76ersSports teamBasketball12/2/2014More info.
FanDuelPortland Trail BlazersSports teamBasketballUnknown
DraftKingsSacramento KingsSports teamBasketball2/4/2015More info.
FanDuelSan Antonio SpursSports teamBasketballUnknown
DraftKingsToronto RaptorsSports teamBasketballunknown
FanDuelUtah JazzSports TeamBasketball6/23/2015Read more.

Daily fantasy sports and baseball

DraftKings and Major League Baseball (MLB) actually started their relationship on March 24, 2014, partnering to offer a free-to-play one day fantasy league called the Official Mini Fantasy Game of MLB.com. More recent reports revealed that MLB had already invested in DraftKings back in 2013 and had an equity stake in the site.

The relationship got a lot more serious a year later, however. DraftKings became the “Official Daily Fantasy Game” of MLB on April 2, 2015. The deal also made DraftKings an official sponsor of All-Star Week and “select Postseason events.”

DraftKings is also being promoted across the MLB media portfolio, including streaming and mobile properties.

Unlike deals with other leagues, the MLB-DraftKings deal means other DFS sites cannot sponsor individual teams.

Here are the current known sponsorships:

SitePartnerTypeDateMore info
DraftKingsAtlanta BravesSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsBaltimore OriolesSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsBoston Red SoxSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsChicago CubsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsChicago White SoxSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsCincinnati RedsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsCleveland IndiansSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsColorado RockiesSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsDetroit TigersSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsHouston AstrosSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsKansas City RoyalsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsLos Angeles AngelsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsLos Angeles DodgersSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsMiami MarlinsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsMilwaukee BrewersSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsMinnesota TwinsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsMLBSports league3/24/2014 More info.
DraftKingsNew York MetsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsNew York YankeesSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsOakland AthleticsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsPhiladelphia PhilliesSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsPittsburgh PiratesSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsSan Diego PadresSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsSan Francisco GiantsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsSt. Louis CardinalsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsTampa Bay RaysSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsTexas RangersSports Team7/31/2015Read more.
DraftKingsWashington NationalsSports Team7/31/2015Read more.

Daily fantasy sports and soccer

Soccer-only DFS site Mondogoal was the first in the industry to ink a deal with a soccer team outside of the U.S. Since them, DraftKings and entered the UK market and starter partnerships with English Premier League teams.

In 2015, DraftKings signed a deal with the United States’ Major League Soccer.

Here are the current known sponsorships:

SitePartnerTypeDateMore info
DraftKingsArsenalSports Team2/3/2016More info.
DraftKingsLiverpoolSports Team2/3/2016More info.
DraftKingsWatfordSports Team2/3/2016More info.
DraftKingsMajor League SoccerSports League7/24/2015Read more.
MondogoalTottenham HotspurSports Team7/29/2015 (no longer active)Read more.
MondogoalLiverpoolSports Team6/1/2014 (no longer active)More info.
MondogoalYahooMedia/DFS operator8/3/2015 (no longer active)More info.
MondogoalChelsea FCSports Team1/19/2015 (no longer active)More info.
MondogoalAS RomaSports Team8/1/2014 (no longer active)More info.
MondogoalFC BarcelonaSports Team1/10/2015 (no longer active)More info.
MondogoalWest Ham UnitedSports Team10/1/2014 (no longer active)
MondogoalValenciaSports TeamUnknown (no longer active)More info.
OulalaLeicesterSports Team11/20/2015More info.

Other partnerships, past and present

DraftKings and ESPN

DraftKings and ESPN announced they had reached an exclusive partnership that kicks in in 2016. That deal, however, was called off soon after it started, likely because of monetary concerns for DraftKings.

Daily fantasy sports and mixed martial arts

DraftKings showed its commitment to promoting mixed martial arts DFS contests, signing a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on February 26, 2015. That deal was apparently for just one year, and is no longer active.

At the time, the deal made DraftKings the Official Daily Fantasy Sports Partner of the UFC, which includes prominent stadium and PPV brand placement for all major events, as well as joint promotion across all UFC web properties and social channels. DraftKings also offers UFC-themed experiences and prize packages.

DraftKings and WSOP

DraftKings was one of the primary sponsors of the 2014 World Series of Poker (WSOP). In 2015, DraftKings and the WSOP agreed on a tournament-specific deal, in which half the field was paid, mimicking the format of DraftKings’ “50/50” contests. DraftKings’ presence could be felt throughout the 2015 WSOP, with its logo on the felt of every table, a “fantasy lounge,” and promotion in the final table studio.

The deal for 2015 and beyond was called off soon after Nevada ruled that DFS was gambling and required a gaming license, forcing DraftKings to pull out of the state.

Here is a look at some of the other major partnerships in the DFS world:

SitePartnerTypeSportDateMore info
DraftKingsESPNMediaAll6/25/2015; deal no longer in placeRead more.
FanDuelSB NationMediaAll7/7/2014 More info.
DraftKingsMadison Square GardenArena/StadiumBasketball/Hockey6/4/2015More info.
DraftKingsStaples CenterArena/StadiumBasketball/Hockey7/13/2015More info.
FanDuelSportradarMediaFootball8/26/2015More info.
DraftKingsBreeders CupEventHorse racing9/8/2014More info.
DraftKingsUFCSports leagueMMA2/25/2015; now inactiveRead more.
DraftKingsInternational Speedway CorporationArena/StadiumNASCAR8/10/2015More info.
DraftKingsRace Team AllianceOrganizationNASCAR7/2/2015More info.
DraftKingsWorld Poker TourEventPoker11/1/2013More info.
DraftKingsWorld Series of PokerEventPoker5/28/2014; now inactiveMore info.

Free agent: PGA Tour

Fantasy golf is the hot new vertical in DFS. DraftKings ran a contest in April around the Masters that guaranteed $2.2 million, with $1 million to first place. And the contests around the majors got bigger from there.

The PGA Tour, however, appears to be keeping DFS at arm’s length during legal uncertainty surrounds the industry.

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