Nevada Sportsbooks Took Record $4.2 Billion In Wagers In 2015

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Nevada sports betting numbers

Nevada sportsbooks took a record $4.2 billion in wagers in 2015 and generated more than $232 million in sports betting revenue for the year, according to figures released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

A top-line look at Nevada sportsbook numbers

The data from the NGCB’s monthly report for December also included yearly totals for sports wagering.

The handle for the full year was up from the $2.9 billion wagered in 2014. The total revenue was also up; books took in $227 million in 2014. That happened despite the fact that the books’ hold on football was down, year over year, by 23 percent.

It continues an upward trend in Nevada:

Hold and sport by sport for 2015

The books’ hold (win percentage) came in at better than five percent. Here is the breakdown by sport:

The December numbers: Not as good

For December, the books obviously still made plenty of money, but they did worse than they did in 2014.

Sportsbooks won more than $18 million this past December, but they underperformed compared to December 2014. Football revenue was down by more than 40% percent in the month (YoY); parlay revenue was down nearly 80%.

The books’ revenue for football ($9 million) and basketball ($8.8 million) was nearly identical.

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