Now Streaming: DAZN Bet Launches In UK, More Markets In ‘Near Future’

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DAZN Bet, a sportsbook from the global streaming giant, is live in its first market after launching in the United Kingdom Monday.

The launch comes about 11 months after the company first listed an opening for a VP of product for sports betting and gaming.

DAZN Bet CEO Mark Kemp made it clear there is more to come:

“Today’s launch is only stage one. We are on a mission to create a richer product that is integrated into DAZN’s sports streaming service, where possible, providing sports fans with something much more immersive and interactive than what is currently available.”

Will DAZN Bet eventually travel overseas?

The press release wasted no time teasing other markets. The first sentence announced other markets are coming in the “near future.”

Those markets were not specified, though an Ontario sports betting launch is expected for the brand. DAZN Bet is expected to launch in Ontario by the third quarter, LSR reported in April.

The product in Ontario could look different than what bettors in the UK are seeing today. The UK platform is based on technology from Pragmatic Group, while Sportradar is powering the Ontario sportsbook.

DAZN Bet not looking for sharps

The streaming platform’s sportsbook will likely not become a home for serious bettors.

DAZN Bet “seeks to refresh the casual betting market by creating a more recreational, sociable, and relevant experience for today’s sports fan,” the company said in its release.

Will FuboTV be a long-time competitor?

DAZN Bet was actually the second sports streaming company that announced its intentions to launch an integrated sportsbook. FuboTV acquired Vigtory and its Amelco-powered sportsbook engine in January 2021.

But FuboTV is not sure its sports betting plans will work out. The company announced a strategic review of its betting business in its second-quarter earnings release:

“While our disciplined sportsbook progress continues, in light of the rapidly-evolving macro-economic environment, we believe it is important to be even more capital efficient than originally scoped,” the shareholder letter reads. “We are taking steps to de-risk our business and have made the decision to no longer go down the wagering path independently.”

FuboTV has a jump start on DAZN Bet in the US. It is fully live in Arizona and Iowa while its NJ sports betting launch is in a soft-launch phase, PlayNJ reported.