The Clock Is On For New Jersey Sports Betting Case: Rehearing Set For February

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The New Jersey sports betting case rehearing will take place in February, the start of what might be the final chapter in the state’s court battle against the major professional sports leagues.

The rehearing in the case in which New Jersey is fighting to allow sports betting in the state was granted in October, and the timing of the hearing had long been suspected to take place early in 2016.

The timeline and info for the NJ sports betting hearing

The timing of the rehearing in the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals came via Twitter, from Duane Morris attorney Christopher Soriano:

The rehearing was also posted on the Third Circuit’s website here.’s John Brennan reported on the court date as well, with information from the court’s decree.

As Brennan noted, New Jersey lead attorney Ted Olson had said he was not available on that date, so his attendance for the hearing is in question.

The rehearing, a watershed moment for U.S. sports betting?

The outcome of the NJ sports betting case could have a wide-ranging impact on sports betting in the United States. No matter how the court finds, the decision could be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but the chances of that body taking up the sports betting issue appear to be slim.

In the event of a victory for New Jersey, it means the state could immediately offer sports betting at its gaming establishments.

It would also open up the idea that other states could attempt to authorize sports betting, as well, leaning on the Third Circuit decision as justification. Several states have already introduced sports betting legislation.

In the event of a loss for New Jersey, it might mean the only way for states to allow sports betting will be for Congress to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act — the federal law on which the New Jersey case is centered on.

What will the sports betting case outcome be?

Obviously New Jersey has a chance of winning — a number of the justices on the court felt that the case was worth another hearing after NJ was handed a 2-1 defeat in the Third Circuit in August.

This time around, 11 justices will hear the case; a look at which side the justices could come down on here.

The ruling also will not come out immediately following February’s oral arguments; waiting for a verdict could take several more months.