Bettor Safe Campaign Aims To Raise Legal Sports Betting Awareness

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Bettor Safe

Bettor Safe, a new sports betting education campaign, launched this week with the goal of distinguishing legal and illegal markets.

Conscious Gaming rolled out the new campaign as a way to educate consumers about the risks of betting illegally and the benefits of a legal and regulated sports betting market. Along with the national initiative, two state-specific campaigns for New Jersey and Pennsylvania launched.

Between March Madness and the month being Problem Gambling Awareness Month, it was deemed an appropriate time to launch the campaign:

“This campaign comes at a pivotal moment when American sports fans are gearing up for the NCAA basketball tournament amid a pandemic that continues to push individuals online,” said Seth Palansky, vice president of corporate social responsibility and communications at Conscious Gaming. “Now more than ever we must educate consumers and equip them with the tools to make more informed decisions about online betting.”

A need for education

As legal sports betting spreads across the US, many Americans are still unaware of their state’s status. According to a study by the American Gaming Association, 35% of individuals don’t know if their state is legal.

In a survey, Conscious Gaming found 25% of New Jersey respondents weren’t sure if online betting was legal. In Pennsylvania, the figure was 30%.

“Educating Pennsylvanians about the security and safety advantages of legal online betting is critical,” Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Executive Director Kevin O’Toole said.

Bettor Safe taking a multi-channel approach

The campaign will reach consumers through a variety of channels:

Those ads will drive to the Bettor Safe website. If a person decides they want to make a bet and searches online, it’s likely they will find an illegal site that’s had years of search optimization, Palansky said. The hope is this campaign will help users determine legal betting sites.

The website will help guide a potential bettor to proper information.

“It’s pretty simple, straightforward,” Palansky said. “We tried to speak in easy and clear language with a checklist.”

Bettor Safe growth potential

Conscious Gaming hopes more state-specific sites will roll out in the future, using Bettor Safe as the umbrella campaign.

The company will analyze the results of the initial campaigns in two months.

“We’ll go back and do more surveying and understand if we made an impact,” Palansky said. “We can analyze data on web traffic and engagement to see if we are able to drive the message home and be a tool for folks. It’s very hard to understand what’s going on quickly and easily. But folks are willing to do research.”