This Week In Daily Fantasy Sports: DraftKings Lineup Leak Goes Viral

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Story of note

DraftKings, FanDuel and the lineup leak

Well, we’re not even going to pretend there was another story in DFS this week. If you haven’t read about it yet, you’re probably not reading this weekly wrap. So, here are a bunch of links:

Of the week

Reads of the week

“How Daily Fantasy Is Changing the Game”

There were lots of good reads this week. There were also lots of clickbait headlines. This one is a really good read, whether you’re intimately familiar with the DFS industry, or just learning about it for the first time this week.

“I Won Millions in Daily Fantasy—and Even I Want Changes”

DFS pro Cory Albertson wrote an interesting take for the Wall Street Journal.

Tweets of the week

Watches of the week

Robins appeared on RotoGrinders:

And for some levity, SpendKings is a sponsor for Conan:

Number of the week


The total number of national TV ads aired by DraftKings and FanDuel, as of this CNN story, in 2015.